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House 12

Plot 15

Phase 3

Moremi Estate, Ile-Ife, Osun +234


Nationality: Nigeria


Membership Number :38608

Taofik Olatunji Bankole

Programme Officer & Senior Data Analyst, Centre For Gender, Women And Children In Sustainable Development


Field of study:

Specialization: Data Collection and Processing, Economic Demography, Fertility, Mortality, Health, and Longevity, Population and Development, Reproductive Health (Family Planning), Vulnerability and Human Rights

Regional focus: Sub-Saharan Africa

Highest Degree Level:

Masters level, Demography, Obafemi Awolowo University, 2014

Working languages:
  • - English
  • - Yoruba

Member since: 23 Jul 2015

Bankole, T. O., Solanke, B. L. & Bisiriyu, L. A. (2020). Contextual Influences on  Breastfeeding Practices in Selected West African Countries. International Journal of Social Sciences Perspectives, 6(1), 30-41.

Babatunde, S., I., Bankole, O., T.: & Yunisa, R. A (2019). Correlates of Caregivers Burden among Relatives of Cardiovascular Disease Patient in Nigeria. Journal of Diseases, Vol.6; (2); 23-33; DOI: 10.18488/journal.99.2019.62.22.33


Bankole, O., T., Gray D.D, Oyebode, O., A. & Lawal, G., E (2019). Indigenous Employment Policy and Foreign-owned Corporation Employee’s Well-being in Liberia. Journal of Social Science Research Vol 14; 3146-3160; Doi:

Bankole, O., T., Paramole, O., C., Babatunde, I., S. & Onwuka, I., V. (2019). Parental Prominence, Student Housing Quality and Academic Success among Public Universities Students, Southwest Nigeria. European Journal of Educational Sciences, Vol.6; 86-124; Doi: 10.19044/ejes.v6no1a6 URL:

Solanke, B., L., Kupoluyi, J., A., Abe, J., O. and Bankole O., T. (2018). Polygyny and Resources for Empowerment and Equality in Anglo-Phone West Africa: Implications for Childbearing and Women’s Well-Being. European Scientific Journal, 14(17): 174-194 Doi: 10.19044/esj.2018.v14n17p174