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International Migration. Now inviting submissions for 2017 issues


International Migration is now inviting submissions in preparation for our issues of 2017. Ours is a fully peer-reviewed academic journal that sets academic integrity and quality as its highest criteria for publication. As the flagship journal of the International Organization for Migration, we remain committed to serving both academic and policy audiences, and we are seeking submissions from around the world that speak to both interests in the firm belief that policy is best formulated upon a solid foundation of empirical research.


International Migration is a refereed journal whose contents explore current issues of migration and its effects on societies that are of interest to policy makers in government, international organizations, and civil society. The research and analyses we present are by demographers, economists, sociologists, geographers, political scientists, and other social scientists from around the world. Ours is a global journal, available in almost 10,000 institutions, and it has long served as a primary reference point for students and emerging researchers. We aim for the highest standards of scholarship and credibility and, thereby, hope to enhance the national, regional, and global discussions of international migration and its impacts on those who migrate, the societies that receive them, and the societies from which they come. While recognizing the inherent value of an understanding grounded in history, International Migration emphasizes up-to-date and forward looking accounts that will stimulate further research into current and emerging trends associated with migration and its effects, drawing attention to issues requiring responsible consideration by policy officials and other decision-makers.


International Migration is interested in submissions on all aspects of migration and from or about any country or region in the world. Some examples of specific areas of current interest include global migration trends and the challenges they pose for governance; the continuing migration and refugee situations in and around the Mediterranean and elsewhere; migration governance including by local authorities; labour migration; social integration; irregular migration; and foreign students. We request that submissions be no longer than 7,500 words (including charts, tables, notes, etc.), are not concurrently being reviewed by another journal, and be written in English. We employ a double blind system of peer review using experts in the specific field of the submissions, and authors now typically receive a first decision within 2 months. Please submit your submissions to https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/imig.


Our aim is to publish the world’s highest quality scholarship on migration that will contribute to and excite academic discussions, provide information that not only informs the policy community but stimulates it to act, and motivates further research and analysis.

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts.


Howard Duncan



Executive Head, Metropolis

Carleton University