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Demographers’ contributions to the understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic

During epidemics and pandemics of infectious diseases, demography’s insights help understand who infects whom, how many cases of an infection there might be, and how severe a pathogen might be. Population scientists also play key roles in evaluating the death toll linked to an epidemic, describing how it affects fundamental aspects of social life (e.g., marriage, fertility, residential arrangements), and planning social services to mitigate its impact on wellbeing. The IUSSP is presenting here some of the (numerous) contributions demographers have made to our understanding of the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic that is currently unfolding. We plan to update this page regularly. We hope to highlight contributions from all regions of the world. If you have information or resources you would like to share on this page, please email contact@iussp.org.

Information is provided in 6 categories:

  • Demographers in the news 
  • Demographic research and advocacy on the spread and impact of covid-19
  • Data collection on and during the covid-19 pandemic
  • Data visualization corner 
  • Projecting impact and needs for the most vulnerable
  • Coping with the COVID19 pandemic throughout the world

Demographers in the News

Demographers have contributed to news reports on various aspects of the pandemic, from prevention strategies to differences between countries in number of COVID19 deaths.


*** The reports below are predominantly from US and European news sources at the moment, please contribute news reports from other world regions ***


COVID-19 Data: What are we counting? (Jose Miguel Guzman)

As the pandemic recedes, let migrants move again (The Economist, 1 August 2020)


Health Experts Want People To Know Face Covers Can Protect The Wearer Too (HuffPost Life, 15 July 2020)

Épidémie de Covid-19 : quel impact sur l’espérance de vie en France ? (The Conversation, 28 June 2020)


When 511 Epidemiologists Expect to Fly, Hug and Do 18 Other Everyday Activities Again (NY Times, 8 june 2020)

How the Coronavirus Compares With 100 Years of Deadly Events (NY Times, 10 June 2020)


The pandemic's impact on adolescents. By Shireen Jejeebhoy. (IDR, 20 May 2020)


UK wrong to rule out global coronavirus comparisons, experts say (Guardian, 17 May 2020)


Sweden Stayed Open. A Deadly Month Shows the Risks (NY Times, 15 May 2020)


Malegaon mystery: Covid count low but surge in overall deaths (The Indian Express, 4 May 2020)



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Demographic research and news articles on the spread and impact of COVID-19

Calls for papers:


Call for Papers - GENUS Thematic Series on The Demography of COVID-19

Deadline for submissions 30 September 2020

International Microsimulation Association (IMA): online conference in 2020 on microsimulation modelling of policy responses to COVID-19

Deadline for submissions: 30 September 2020

New Books:

Fiorenza Gamba, Marco Nardone, Toni Ricciardi, Sandro Cattacin (eds.). COVID 19 – Le regard des Sciences Sociales, Seismo, 2020.


Open access downloadable PDF. This "flash book" (written in 3 months) includes twenty-seven contributions. It is available in French and will also be published in Italian (in July) and in German (in August).

New interventions:

Is India missing COVID-19 deaths? (The Lancet, 5 September 2020)

How many people has the coronavirus killed? (Nature, 1 September 2020)

Modelling COVID-19 mortality at the regional level in Italy (SocArXiv, 27 August 2020)

Population age structure only partially explains the large number of COVID-19 deaths at the oldest ages (Demographic Research, 21 August 2020)

Demographic perspectives on the mortality of COVID-19 and other epidemics (PNAS, 20 August 2020)

Up to 204,691 extra deaths in the US so far in this pandemic year (The Conversation, 13 August 2020)

Protect Adolescent Health in Pandemic Response (Family Planning 2020)

How Are Key Demographic Indicators Related to Covid-19 Reported in the United States? (Populuation Council)


COVID-19 has “devastating” effect on women and girls (The Lancet, 1 August 2020)

COVID-19: Montréal parmi les villes les plus touchées en Occident (La Presse, 31 July 2020)

Covid-19 threatens access to abortions and contraceptives, experts warn (Guardian 23 July 2020)

Comparisons of all-cause mortality between European countries and regions: January to June 2020

Estimating the burden of COVID-19 on mortality, life expectancy and lifespan inequality in England and Wales: A population-level study (medRxiv, 16 July 2020. Preprint)

UNFPA Webinar: COVID-19 and People of African Descent
Thursday 23 July 2020

After COVID-19, a future for the world's children? (The Lancet, 2 July 2020)

Intersecting household-level health and socio-economic vulnerabilities and the COVID-19 crisis: An analysis from the UK (Science Direct, 2 July 2020). Open access (currently in pre-print status).


Forecasting spatial, socioeconomic and demographic variation in COVID-19 health care demand in England and Wales  (BMC Medicine, 29 June 2020)


Exploring the young demographic profile of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong: Evidence from migration and travel history data (PLOS ONE, 26 June 2020)

Population heterogeneity is a critical factor of the kinetics of the COVID-19 epidemics (MedRxiv, 25 June 2020)

Ethnic disparities in hospitalisation for COVID-19 in England: The role of socioeconomic factors, mental health, and inflammatory and pro-inflammatory factors in a community-based cohort study (Science Direct. 1st June 2020)

Behaviors and attitudes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from a cross-national Facebook Survey (Pre-print article, MedRxiv, 15 May 2020)


Social network-based distancing strategies to flatten the COVID-19 curve in a post-lockdown world

Demographic Perspectives on Mortality of Covid-19 and Other Epidemics


Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on life expectancy in Madrid (Spain)

The Strength of Family Ties and COVID-19 (Contexts)

COVID-19: A New Challenge for Migration Policy (Migration Policy Practice, April-June 2020)

Policy Brief. Demography and the Coronavirus Pandemic (Population Europe, May 2020)



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