Affiliation to the IUSSP

The IUSSP Council has opened the possibility for population centers across the globe to join IUSSP as an Affiliated Institution. Population science is needed now more than ever to address the many challenges that the world is facing. The Council is convinced that closer cooperation and stronger networks in the broad and interdisciplinary field of population research will serve to increase the voice and relevance of population sciences, will facilitate population research in all its dimensions, and stimulate the training of future generations of population scientists and those using population data across diverse fields and regions. Our hope is that affiliation will bring us all closer to achieving these common goals. Practically, affiliation will give population centers more active involvement in global dialogues on population issues through the IUSSP platform, and would ensure that IUSSP continues to reflect the diversity of the field of population studies in all its evolving dimensions across the globe.

IUSSP Affiliates gain various opportunities to raise their international visibility and develop new collaborations through networking opportunities, including:

  • An annual virtual networking event to meet with the IUSSP leadership and discuss issues of common interest and contribute to IUSSP’s activities;
  • A global in-person networking event preceding the quadrennial IUSSP International Population Conference;
  • Priority to host and/or co-organize joint events with the IUSSP such as Research Leader Sessions at the IPC, (virtual) workshops, webinars, and training sessions, or host an in-person seminar or workshop in collaboration with one of IUSSP’s Scientific Panels;
  • The possibility to collaborate in global advocacy and advisory opportunities that are part of IUSSP’s UN ECOSOC status and membership of the International Science Council;
  • Free use of IUSSP channels for job advertisements and other relevant announcements of your center;
  • A link to the landing page of their organization on the IUSSP website and the possibility to contribute to the IUSSP Bulletin;
  • Affiliated Institutions can opt for collective payment of individual membership fees and/or conference fees of their staff at discounted rates.

Institutional affiliation (and the membership dues it will bring) are of vital importance to the long-term sustainability of the IUSSP in an era where individual membership fees are declining and donor support for core funding is dwindling. The Council is convinced that sustaining a financially healthy Union is vital to achieve the overall aims of our field. A strong network of IUSSP Affiliated Institutions will also increase the visibility of the Union at the grassroots level with the potential to attract new individual members and better retain current members. Overall, we believe that a strong body of Affiliated Institutions will engage more colleagues – including new generations of population researchers – in IUSSP activities, which would strengthen the study of population across the globe. A professional association like the IUSSP cannot be sustained without the support of the global population community. Joining the IUSSP as an Affiliated Institution supports the only global professional association in the population field and helps to develop our remit to promote population research across the globe.     

Affiliation Dues
Taking into account that the financial possibilities of population institutions vary considerably across the world regions, institutions’ annual affiliation dues are based on the country classification used for individual membership dues:

  • €5,000 a year for institutions in High Income Countries
  • €2,500 a year for institutions in Middle Income Countries
  • €1,000 a year for institutions in Low Income Countries

Joining us?
If your population institution is interested in affiliating with the IUSSP, please write an email to the IUSSP Executive Director, Mary Ellen Zuppan.