N°25 The Case for a World Migration Survey

Marcela Cerrutti, Philippe Fargues, Mariama Awumbila, 2021


N°24 Advancing Knowledge on International Migration: Data and Research Needs

Philippe Fargues, 2018


N°23 Contributions of Behavioural Change to Curbing the Spread of HIV

Gigi Santow, 2009


N°22 (Spanish version) Envejecimiento en Países en Desarrollo: Estableciendo lazos para integrar agendas de investigación 

Roberto Ham-Chande, Alberto Palloni, Rebeca Wong, 2009


N°22 Aging in Developing Countries: Building Bridges for Integrated Research Agendas

Roberto Ham-Chande, Alberto Palloni, Rebeca Wong, 2009


N°21 Meeting Data Needs in Developing Countries: Questions of Quality, Quantity and Capacity

Vijay Verma Cristina Perez, 2009


N°20 Sexual and Reproductive Transitions of Adolescents in Developing Countries
Ruth Dixon-Mueller, 2007


N°19 Population Ageing in Industrialized Countries: Challenges and Issues
Gustavo De Santis, 2001


N°18 Women in the Labour Market in Changing Economies: Demographic Issues
Ruth Dixon-Mueller, 2000


N°17 Men, Family Formation and Reproduction
Silvia Necchi, 1999


N°16 Gender Inequalities and Reproductive Health: Changing Priorities in an Era of Social Transformation and Globalisation
Ruth Dixon-Mueller, 1999


N°15 Abortion, Women's Health and Fertility
David Anderson, 1998


N°14 Data and Decision-making - Demography's Contribution to understanding AIDS in Africa
Elizabeth Pisani, 1998


N°13 Female, Empowerment and Demographic Processes: Moving Beyond Cairo
Ruth Dixon-Mueller, 1998


N° 12 Men, Reproduction and Fatherhood
David Anderson, 1998


N° 11 The Russian Mortality Crisis: Causes, Policy Responses and Lessons
David Anderson


N° 10 Population and Environment in Arid Regions
Allan Findlay, 1996


N° 9 Women, Poverty and Demographic Change
Julieta Quilodran, 1996


N° 8 Population and Environment in Industrialised Regions
Catherine Marquette, 1996


N° 7 The 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). Context and Characteristics
Walter Mertens, 1995


N° 6 Evaluation of the Impact of Health Interventions
Hoda Rashad, 1994


N° 5 Women's Roles and Demographic Change in Sub-Saharan Africa
C. Oppong & R. Wéry, 1994


N° 4 Toward a More Effective Policy Response to AIDS
David Anderson, 1994


N° 3 Health and Mortality Trends among Elderly Populations: Determinants and Implications
Walter Mertens, 1994


N° 2 Population and Deforestation in Humid Tropics
Walter Mertens, 1994


N° 1 Contributions of the IUSSP to the International Conference on Population and Development
Walter Mertens, 1994


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