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IUSSP Governance

Council 2014 - 2017


The Council is responsible for the scientific programme of the IUSSP as a whole. It consists of the Bureau and ten elected members. It has a four-year mandate and meets on three of four occasions during this period. A member of the Council assumes responsibility for scientific liaison with each Scientific Group.


Since the consitutional amendments approved in 2005, the IUSSP Council has five regional Council positions to ensure at least one Council member from each region. These Council members are elected by all the members and they serve in the same capacity as Council members elected at-large.


They may also alert the Council to regional concerns and serve as a liaison with those regions. It is hoped that the regional representatives will have a positive role in encouraging membership and member participation in IUSSP activities from those regions.


PresidentAnastasia Gage (Sierra Leone/USA) 

Vice President: Tom LeGrand (Canada)

Secretary General and TreasurerFrance Meslé (France)


Council member for Africa: Tom Moultrie (South Africa)   
Council member for Asia and Oceania: Sureeporn Punpuing  (Thailand)
Council member for Europe: Emily Grundy (United Kingdom)
Council member for Latin-America: Edith Pantelides (Argentina)
Council member for North-America: David Lam (USA)
Council Member-at-large:
Sajeda Amin 
Ann Biddlecom (USA)
Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue (Cameroon) 
Fatima Juarez (Mexico)
Øystein Kravdal (Norway)


Honorary Presidents: 

Peter McDonald, Australia

John Cleland, United Kingdom 

Jacques Vallin, France 

José Alberto Magno de Carvalho, Brazil

Mercedes B. Concepcion, Philippines 

Massimo Livi Bacci, Italy 

Carmen A. Miró, Panama