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The IUSSP Council warmly thanks all those who made donations in support of the Union’s activities. See list of members who donated in 2017


Additional income through donations is extremely important to help support IUSSP activities. The IUSSP Council recently established two new funds, in addition to the general fund, to support activities which are key to IUSSP’s mission and valued by the members: 


  • a Travel Fund for junior demographers and developing country scholars; and 
  • a Translation Fund to support translation and simultaneous interpretation costs to better include non-English speaking population scientists in IUSSP activities.

General Fund:

Donations made to the “General Fund” help the IUSSP carry out its activities and may be allocated by Council to cover any activity or operation costs  for which funds are lacking.   
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Translation Fund:

As a follow-up to the 2013 survey of membership on simultaneous translation at IUSSP Conferences, the IUSSP Council decided to set up a fund aimed specifically at supporting costs of translation and simultaneous interpretation to better include non-English speaking population scientists in IUSSP activities. To provide an indication of the cost of simultaneous translation, the cost of two interpreters for one session at the International Population Conference is approximately $750. Funds may also be used to cover costs of translating documents. 


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Travel Fund:

Ensuring that junior demographers and developing country scholars can attend IUSSP seminars, workshops and conferences is of utmost priority to an international association such as ours. Given that the institutions with which these scholars are affiliated can rarely afford to cover travel costs and it is increasingly difficult to raise funds from donors to cover these costs, the IUSSP Council decided to set up a fund aimed specifically at covering travel costs of developing country scholars and students.


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Why are donations important?

Additional income through donations helps the IUSSP fulfil its mandate to further the scientific study of population. Income generated from membership dues and conference fees covers only a portion of IUSSP expenses. The remaining expenses are covered by grants from private foundations, governments and UN agencies, which are usually earmarked for specific activities and may have other restrictions on when and how they can be used. In addition, recent government budgetary restrictions have resulted in a considerable decrease in funding from governments and UN agencies that used to be IUSSP’s primary source of funding. Because the IUSSP seeks to establish dues levels that are at an affordable level to members in a variety of settings, donations are an ideal way to allow those of you who can, to provide additional support.


Give through your will or living trust

Recent changes in French law now also make it possible for IUSSP to receive gifts from members and the public through a will or living trust. For more information on the ways you can give beyond a cash donation (made directly via the IUSSP website) please contact IUSSP Executive Director, Mary Ellen Zuppan.