Membership Benefits


The IUSSP is an individual membership association open to all scientists and professionals working in the field of population. Anyone working or conducting research in the field of population can – and should – be a member of the Union.



The Union needs members' continued support. Membership dues help cover services and enable the IUSSP to leverage support from donors to fund the Union’s scientific activities and provide support for members in developing countries to participate in IUSSP conferences and scientific seminars.


For information on dues levels, go to Membership Dues.


Benefits and Services to Members:


Being a member of the largest, worldwide association for researchers in demography and population sciences will offer you opportunities to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field and participate in the IUSSP's scientific activities. It will also enable you to network within the scientific community, through its activities or via the Membership Directory, and develop international and interdisciplinary networks to advance research on a given topic.


In addition, IUSSP members enjoy valuable benefits, including:

  • A detailed profile page in the Membership Directory, publicly accessible through a search tool which includes many search criteria.
  • Access to the member-restricted section of the IUSSP website, which includes job, research or training announcements and working papers from past IUSSP seminars.
  • Direct access to calls for papers and other announcements sent by email.
  • Newsletter with information on IUSSP activities and resources in the field.
  • Alerts informing you when a new article appears in N-IUSSP, IUSSP’s new IUSSP news magazine, which disseminates scientific findings from demographic research carried out all over the world.
  • Reduced registration fees for IUSSP Population Conferences.
  • Increased opportunities of participating in the scientific activities of the IUSSP.