LIVES Doctoral Programme 2023-2025


  • Deadline for applications: 30 September 2023


Since 2011, the Swiss Centre of Expertise on Life Course Research LIVES offers a doctoral programme, followed by 105 PhD graduates so far. 

The Centre LIVES is now welcoming applications for its 2023-25 doctoral programme. 

This programme is open to any PhD candidate conducting research on topics related to the life course / lifespan perspective.


See programme brochure.


Please visit the LIVES website for more details on the programme and/or application:…

Course on Topics in Digital and Computational Demography at MPIDR

Rostock, Germany, 4-8 December 2023


  • Application deadline: 22 October 2023

The Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) is offering an open course on Topics in Digital and Computational Demography (4-8 December 2023) and encourages qualified candidates to apply.  Instructors are Aliakbar Akbaritabar, Risto Conte Keivabu, Jisu Kim, Tom Theile and Emilio Zagheni.

This year, topics include:

  • Introduction to Digital and Computational Demography; Approaches for combining representative data and non-probabilistic samples; Identifying sources of bias in digital trace data and adjusting for them.
  • How the internet works; Surfing the web and web scraping in R; Getting started on accessing web-APIs with R.
  • Using social media data for migration research; Case studies of X (ex-Twitter) in uncovering digital traces of migrants throughout their journey.
  • Using large-scale bibliometric data for demographic research; Advantages and pitfalls of using Scopus, OpenAlex, ORCID and similar data sources to trace internal and international scholarly migration worldwide.
  • Introduction to geospatial and environmental data; Advantages and pitfalls of available open data on the environment; Handling of environmental data for demographic research.


Please see the announcement on the MPIDR webiste for details.