The 3rd KOSTAT Summer Seminar on Population

Rep. of Korea, July 25 to August 24, 2016

Registration deadline: June 24, 2016


The Summer Seminar on Population serves as a forum for individuals and institutions concerned with population-related issues. Three independent and consecutive workshops will focus on “Demographic Measurement and Theory”, “Migration Analysis with Own Data”, and “Statistical Demography Using R” during the 3rd KOSTAT Summer Seminar on Population.

The workshops are expected to provide an opportunity for experts on demography and government officials in charge of population censuses and statistics in the Asia-Pacific region to promote new methods for producing and analyzing population statistics and demography. Participants are encouraged to select one or more workshops among the three options. The working language of every workshop will be English.


Workshops topics for 2016 will be:


  1. 1.       Demographic Measurement and Theory

July 25 – July 30 / Ocloud Hotel, Seoul

Population Processes, Stable Population Theory and Population Projection, Life tables and their application


  1. 2.       Migration Analysis with Own Data
    August 1 – August 12 / Statistical Training Institute, Daejeon

Methods, Migration Modelling, Data Analysis with own data, Individual (or group) Presentation


  1. 3.       Statistical Demography Using R
    August 16 – August 24 / Crown Harbor Hotel, Busan

Introduction of ‘R’, Population Analysis with own data, Individual (or group) Presentation


How to apply:

Participants should be university graduates and all three workshops are open to up to 25 participants for each workshop who are proficient in English with training and experience in a field relevant to the topic of their workshops. Participants should have a statistical or demographical background as these workshops aim to foster experts.

Tuition is free but participants must cover their own travel, meals, lodging, and all other activities in Korea. All prospective applicants are advised to seek funding from their home organizations or from national or international agencies. However, the APPI will provide free-accommodation and meals for each workshop for up to ten full-time graduate students.

Application forms should be submitted through the on-line application system on the website or by sending completed registration forms to

Information on the previous Summer Seminar on Population and the 3rd KOSTAT Summer Seminar on Population including an overview of the Summer Seminar, the registration form, and travel information can be found on the Asia Pacific Population Institute website at

Please encourage individuals in your organization to take an interest to the 3rd KOSTAT Summer Seminar on Population. And feel free to contact the APPI with any queries regarding registration or other matters related to the Summer Seminar on Population.


Contact Information:

SuGyeong Bae
Program Officer/Asia Pacific Population Institute (APPI)
Phone: +82.42.489.9329 / +82.42.482.9328
Applications deadline: Friday, June 24, 2016