‘Shyam’ Institute is organising the XIV Bhopal Seminar 2016: Population Transition in India: Challenges and Opportunities from 14 through 16 January 2016. Presentations, discussions and deliberations at the Bhopal Seminar 2016 will be organised around the following sub-themes:

                                1.            Population growth and composition

                                2.            Transition in age and sex structure

                                3.            Transition in fertility

                                4.            Transition in mortality

                                5.            India’s demographic dividend

                                6.            Population policies and programmes

                                7.            Population and environment

                                8.            Prospects of population stabilisation


Bhopal Seminar 2016 is directed towards discussion on challenges and opportunities of population transition in India through a comparative perspective. Bhopal Seminar 2016 aims to increase the understanding of population transition in India through evidence-based analytical research. Discussions at Bhopal Seminar 2016 are also expected to contribute to an objective assessment of the impact of population and development policies on population transition in the country.



Original research papers are invited for presentation at the Bhopal Seminar 2016 on any of the sub-themes and on any other issue related to population transition in India and in its constituent states.


For more information on participation and submission of abstracts please download the full announcement