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Call for Editorial Board Members


Population and Environment, Volumes 40 - 44, 2019 - 2023


Deadline for nominations: 30 September 2018.
Springer and Population and Environment invite nominations for the 2019–2023 editorial board of the journal.  This leading scientific journal in the fields of population and environmental studies, published by Springer, publishes one volume of four issues per year. It is the sole social science journal focused on interdisciplinary research on social demographic aspects of environmental issues.  The journal publishes cutting-edge research that contributes new insights on the complex, reciprocal links between human populations and the natural environment in all regions and countries of the world. Disciplines commonly represented in the journal include demography, geography, sociology, human ecology, environmental economics, public health, anthropology, environmental studies, and others in which population and environment are topics. The journal publishes original research, research brief, and review articles. Quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods contributions are welcome.
The Editorial Board of Population and Environment consists of approximately twelve members who report to the Editor in Chief.  The Editorial Board members will participate in an annual virtual advisory board meeting; consult with the Editor in Chief on manuscripts in their area of expertise; recruit manuscripts; and otherwise promote the journal. The Editor in Chief is responsible for accepting and rejecting manuscripts on the basis of the quality of the research presented and the suitability of the subject matter; guiding manuscripts through the review process; overseeing revisions; and planning issues. Nominees should have proven excellence in peer-review publication and expertise in population and/or environmental studies. A good command of English is a requisite, as all manuscripts are submitted in this language. This is a volunteer position.
Self-nominations for membership on the Editorial Board are encouraged. The Editorial Board members’ names will appear on the masthead.  Appointments will be made in the fourth quarter of 2018.
Send a short letter of nomination and a CV by E-mail to:
For further information please visit the Population and Environment website