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Call for Sessions, SciDataCon part of International Data Week


Call for Sessions, SciDataCon part of International Data Week: deadline 31 March 2021
The deadline for session proposals for SciDataCon 2021, part of International Data Week, is fast approaching!


SciDataCon 2021 is an integral part of International Data Week 2021, which will be held both virtually and onsite in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 8–11 November 2021.  IDW 2021 will also feature the CODATA 2021 General Assembly on 12-13 November 2021.


We will be most grateful if CODATA Delegates could distribute this call widely in their National Committees, Unions, institutions as appropriate; and via any relevant online forum or making list and by social media.


Session proposals should be submitted at: http://www.scidatacon.org/IDW2021/. The deadline for proposals is 23:59 UTC on 31 March 2021.


If they have not already done so, colleagues should sign up and create an account on the SciDataCon conference website  Needless to say, this is not the same as registering for the conference. Conference registration will be available in due course at https://internationaldataweek.org/


About International Data Week and SciDataCon

International Data Week 2021 comprises two founding events: the 18th RDA Plenary and SciDataCon 2021. SciDataCon is a conference for peer-reviewed research and practice presentations, which covers all aspects of the role of data in research, society and policy. As well as the core themes of data science and data stewardship, Open Science, and FAIR data and services, SciDataCon shares high-level themes with International Data Week.  SciDataCon presenters will be invited to submit their presentations as papers to the Data Science Journal.


IDW and SciDataCon 2021: Themes and How to Submit

The overarching theme of IDW 2021 and SciDataCon is Data to Improve our World. In our post-pandemic future, humanity has an opportunity and obligation to address major challenges, including climate change, sustainable development, and disaster risk reduction. The digital revolution and the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, the methods and practices of Open Science, and of FAIR data and services, give humanity the tools to do so. Embracing these possibilities requires engagement with society, rigorous research methods, and good practice in data science and data stewardship. The theme Data to Improve our World explores the nexus of these issues.


Also in scope are session proposals addressing any of the below core, persistent themes of data and research typically addressed in SciDataCon.  Please consult the Call for Sessions for the high level and core themes: https://www.scidatacon.org/conference/IDW2021/call_for_sessions/


You will also find information on the suggested session types, how to propose a SciDataCon Session and timescales: https://www.scidatacon.org/conference/IDW2021/call_for_sessions/


Invitation to Sponsors and Partners

The organisers of International Data Week have released an invitation for sponsorship.  Information about the sponsorship packages and benefits are available at https://internationaldataweek.org/idw2021/sponsors/sponsorship-packages/


Please contact us at info@internationaldataweek.org if you have any suggestions of organisations that may be interested in sponsoring the event.  To maximise participation, and in response to ongoing travel restrictions, the event will be organised in an innovative hybrid format, with both in person and virtual participation.  This dual, hybrid format, means sponsors are likely to have even more reach than if the event was uniquely in person or online only.


International Data Week is also looking for other, innovative, forms of partnership not included in the sponsorship packages.  For example, we are keen to discuss with any International Scientific Union, National Committee or organisation whether there are opportunities to sponsor early career participation (travel grants, if the sanitary situation allows, or bursaries to assist online participation).  We would be particularly keen to collaborate on specific sessions on areas of shared interest and to find ways of supporting the participation of CODATA members, Early Career Researchers in those sessions and in the conference in general.  Please get in touch!