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China Population and Development Studies (CPDS)


China Population and Development Studies (CPDS) published by Springer Special Issue Call for Papers


Ageing and Health in the Era of Longevity


Special Issue Editors: Jiehua Lu (Peking University),Tianji Cai (University of Macau) and  Qiushi Feng (National University of Singapore) 


CPDS, a scholarly peer-reviewed international journal which examines a broad range of topics related to population and development, announces a call for papers that will address the population ageing and health , on China and other Asian countries, in the era of longer life spans accompanied with the process of rapider socio-economic development and demographic transition.


In this special issue, we solicit original, rigorous and innovative articles that bring new multidisciplinary perspectives to theories, data, methods and social policies to address population ageing and health issues across the life course in Asia – where appropriate, enabling cross-national comparison with a reference to China and other countries in Asia. The special issue will feature at least eight original papers, including at least two papers that will address the overarching trends, policy implications and debates in a whole field for ageing and health, and the rest will focus on specific domains and issues with empirical evidence from cross-sectional and panel data. This special issue commits to a scope of  topics to be wide ranging and relevant, for example, new social norms and roles of old adults, measurements and determinants of health across life course, the impact of the early childhood on healthy status of old adults, longevity and wellbeing, objective and subjective health indicators for old adults, operational measurements of social participation for old adults, demand and supply of long-term care system,  aging-in-place and elderly living arrangement, institutional innovation to coping with population ageing,  both short-term and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on ageing and health,  intergenerational justice of social policies, and so on.   


We encourage you to consider submitting a 300-word abstract proposal to  CPDS2017@163.com before 1 February 2021. The deadline for full paper submission is 30 May 2021. All submissions will undergo an initial screening and manuscripts that pass this stage will be send out for external peer-review. We aim to complete the first round of peer-review process within 8 weeks of submission. The special issue will be published in August 2021