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Profil répertoire

Zitha Mokomane

Associate Professor
University of Pretoria

Country of residence:
South Africa

Nationalité: Botswana , Afrique du Sud
Sexe: F

Membre depuis: 2016
N° de membre : 23325
Membership Type: Cotisation Normale

Domaines de recherche: Population et développement, Sociologie

Spécialisations: Familles et ménages, Differenties des rôles par genre, Mariage, Divorce et unions consensuelles, Démographie qualitative

Régions du monde étudiées: Afrique sub-saharienne

Education: Doctorat (Ph.D, MD) , 2004 , Australian National University , Démographie

Langues de travail: Anglais , Tswana

Membres d'autres associations d'études de la population: Union for African Population Studies (UAPS) , Work Family Researchers Network

Parcours professionnel:

Zitha Mokomane holds an MA and PhD (Demography), both from the Australian National University and have extensive research, policy and programmatic expertise in the field of family studies, with specific interest in work-family interface; social policy analysis; and social protection. She has a C2 rating from the South African National Research Foundation which is given to those unanimously recognised by peer reviewers “to be established researchers in their field for having produced a body of quality work, the core of which has coherence and attests to ongoing engagement with the field”. Examples of her recent prominent policy and research advisory work for a number of African governments, the African Union Commission and the United Nations. In 2014 she edited book entitled Work-Family Interface in sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Responses (Springer, 2014) and in 2015 formed the African Research Network on Work and Family. ...


1.     Mokomane, Z; van der Merwe, S., Khan, M.S. Jaga, A. & Dancaster, L. (2017). Developing an African research network and research agenda on work family interface. Community, Work & Familyhttp://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13668803.2017.1281224

2.     Mokomane, Z., Mokhele, T., Mathews, C. & Makoae, M. (2017). Availability and accessibility of public health services for adolescents and young people in South Africa. Child and Youth Services Review, Vol 74: 125-132.

3.     Mokomane, Z. & Makoae, M. (2017). An overview of programmes offered by shelters for street children in South Africa. Child & Family Social Work, Vol. 22 (1): 378–387.

4.     Rochat, T.J., Mokomane, Z., Mitchell, J. & The Directorate (2016). Public perceptions, beliefs and experiences of fostering and adoption: A national qualitative study in South Africa. Children & Society, Vol 30(2): 120-131.


5. Mokomane, Z. (Ed.) (2014). A review of work-family research in sub-Saharan Africa. Work-Family Interface in sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Responses. New York: Springer Publishing.


Honorary or professional positions and awards:
Member, International Advisory Board, Services and Research Institute on Family and Children, India
C2 Rating by the South African National Research Foundation

Bourses de recherche:
The role of family cohesion, values and strengthening in promoting family wellbeing in South Africa (Grant from Programme to Support Pro-poor Policy Development Phase II, partnership programme of the South African Presidency and the European Union), 2015.

Development of the African Work-Family Research Network (Research Grant from the South African National Research Foundation Centre of Excellence in Human Development), 2015.