Bernardo L. Queiroz

Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais

Field of Study: Demographie, Economie, Population et développement
Specialization: Vieillissement, Collecte et traitement des données, Démographie économique, Estimations et projections, Marché du travail / Emploi, Mortalité, santé et longévité
Regional focus: Amérique latine et Caraïbes
Education: Doctorat (Ph.D, MD), University of California, Berkeley, Démographie, 2005
Working languages: Portuguese
Anglais, Espagnol
Other association membership in population or related fields: Population Association of America (PAA)
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Professional Summary:

I hold a Ph.D. in Demography from the University of California at Berkeley (2005). I specialize in economic demography, population aging, and mortality and health. I also have strong interests in demographic methods, indirect techniques, and regional and urban economics. Currently, my research is centered on two main topicis: a) studying how demographic changes are related to the changes in the labor market in developing countries. In particular, I am studying retirement trends, changes in occupation over time and across cohorts and how changes in the composition of the labor force impacts on the performance of different age groups; and b) small-area mortality estimation with defective data. In this project, we combine traditional demographic methods - death distribution methods - to bayesian statistics to produce estimates of life expectancy at the city level.


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Research grants:
Research grants from CNPq and Fapemig.