International Seminar on  

Linking Past to Present

Long-term perspectives on micro-level demographic processes

Kashiwa, Japan, 9-11 December 2016

Seminar organized by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Historical Demography
Reitaku University.


The seminar will be held in English.


Download the Call for Papers in pdf. 





Deadline for submission of abstracts extended to 31 May 2016


Current population trends are shaped by a long history of social, economic and demographic interactions. However, most research deals either with contemporary issues or exclusively with the past. This seminar will bring together research taking a long-term perspective on important population issues, with particular focus on "linking past to present". We invite papers that aim to close the gap between past and present, as well as to compare our demographic past and present. Priority is placed on the use of micro data, if possible long-term longitudinal studies, but not necessarily limited to those, covering the period from before the demographic transition until today. We are interested in diverse demographic behaviors including nuptiality, fertility, health/mortality and migration.


Recent advances in data and methods enable demographic responses to changing economic and social conditions to be differentiated by community context, household composition, and individual socioeconomic and demographic characteristics in a detailed comparative context. While this approach has been pursued most extensively for historical populations by participants in the Eurasia Project on Population and Family History (Eurasian Population and Family History, The MIT Press), it is applicable to a number of other recently constructed historical datasets based on household registers, family reconstitutions, genealogies, and other sources, as well as to the increasing number of contemporary datasets generated by panel surveys and administrative registers, which are being linked backwards from the present.


Further, original efforts are being made to bridge past and present populations using data spanning long periods or by creating longitudinal datasets from synthetic cohorts, using new methodologies which increasingly allow different types of data to be combined in ways that overcome data protection limitations.


We invite papers that make use of historical and/or contemporary micro-data to examine demographic patterns and responses in ways which further our understanding of long-term population dynamics. We particularly welcome papers that go beyond the dichotomies of East vs. West or pre-modern vs. modern, or which link the past and the present.


Online Submissions:

The IUSSP Panel on Historical Demography invites researchers to submit online by 30 April 2016 a short 200-word abstract AND an extended abstract (2 to 4 pages, including tables) or a full unpublished paper for consideration. To submit an abstract please fill out the online submission form here: ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM.

Both short and detailed abstracts must be submitted in English. The working language of the meeting is English, and presentations and final papers must be in English.


The seminar will be limited to about 20 contributed papers. Submission should be made by the author who will attend the seminar. If the paper is co-authored, please include the names of your co-authors in your submission form (in the appropriate order).


  • Applicants will be informed whether their paper is accepted by 1 June 2016.
  • Participants must submit their complete paper by 30 October 2016. 


In addition to dissemination through posting on the member-restricted portion of the IUSSP website, seminar organizers will explore possibilities for publishing the papers as an edited volume or a special issue of a journal. Papers submitted should be unpublished and, as for a journal or an edited book, authors, by submitting a paper, agree they will not propose it for publication to another editor until the committee makes a decision with regard to its possible publication.


Reitaku University will cover the costs of local transportation and accommodation for the duration of the seminar. Participants are responsible for covering the cost of their air tickets.


For further information, please contact Seminar Organizers: Satomi Kurosu (, Diego Ramiro (, and Martin Dribe (


IUSSP Scientific Panel on Historical Demography

Chair: Diego Ramiro Fariñas (Spanish National Research Council)

Membership: Martin Dribe (Lund University, Center for Economic Demography); Mamadou Fall (Cheikh Anta Diop University); Rokhaya Fall (Universite Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar); Satomi Kurosu (Reitaku University); Lucia Pozzi (Università degli Studi Di Sassari); Alice Reid (University of Cambridge); Ana Silvia Scott (Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP)); Hélène Vézina (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi).