Training Workshop provided by the IUSSP Early Career Taskforce

Geoprocessing and Spatial Analysis


Tuesday 10 August 2021
12:00 - 13:30 UTC 
8:00 New York | 9:00 São Paulo |
 14:00 Paris | 17:30 New Delhi



Space matters. This statement has been increasingly proven by scientific studies in several fields of knowledge, including demography. However, there is still little time dedicated to the training of demographers to incorporate the space into their investigations.

The goals of this online training workshop are to:

  • Present an overview of why space matters, showing examples from mortality, fertility and migration studies;
  • Introduce attendees to the fundamental elements of the theory of geoprocessing and practice of spatial analysis so that they can, on their own, continue looking for their improvement in the area, in a much faster and more efficient way;
  • Expand the use of spatial data in demographic analysis, providing key spatial resources for research projects.

The workshop will comprise a total of 90 minutes, divided into three components:

  1. Short introduction of the workshop structure followed by a pre-recorded lecture on the “Potentialities of Geoprocessing and Spatial Analysis for Demographic Research”;
  2. Hands-on training using QGIS, a free software that should be downloaded before the workshop ( The study case will be COVID-19 spatial patterns and their clustering with social vulnerabilities;
  3. Q&A session. 

Target group: Students/researchers seeking to deepen their knowledge on spatial tools applied to population studies. No prior knowledge about the topic or software is required to be able to follow the training.

The training workshop is offered free of charge.

Opening and welcome by Nico van Nimwegen, IUSSP Secretary General.

Organizer and Instructor

Igor Cavallini Johansen (PhD in Demography)
Center for Environmental Studies and Research - NEPAM
University of Campinas, Brazil