International Seminar on  

Lifespan Extension with Varying Cause-of-death Trajectories in European Societies

Rauischholzhausen Castle (Hessen), Germany, 11-13 February 2019





Deadline for submission of abstracts extended to 15 November 2018


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There is a substantial and fairly uniform extension of the average life span in similarly prosperous countries, going hand in hand with an enormous change in the distribution of causes-of-death during that extension of the life span. Moreover there are much larger, persistent differences in the incidence of single causes of death from country to country than in general mortality. This inconsistency is even more impressive if one focuses on the countries of the European Union plus the European Free Trade Association, which forms one economic space with converging prosperity levels and whose citizens are protected by similar social security systems.


In this concluding seminar of the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Lifespan extension with Varying Cause-of-Death Trajectories – after successful sessions in India, Brazil and South-Africa – we are interested in the underlying causes of varying cause-of-death trajectories leading to the same high life expectancy levels by identifying and describing different types of specific mortality trajectories, and explaining how different trajectories in European Societies may have originated from: 


  • genetic and other biological potentials;
  • environmental factors;
  • ethnicity;
  • social behavior;
  • economic infrastructure;
  • religion and national history;
  • legal system and social security incentives;
  • health system characteristics.


This seminar will bring together senior researchers (with a doctoral degree or equivalent) in population genetics, epidemiology, demography, health care economics and sociology and related fields as well as a limited number of doctoral students or otherwise advanced graduates. The seminar will provide an opportunity to present new work on the topics listed above and closely related topics. 

Online Submissions:

The IUSSP Scientific Panel on span extension with Varying Cause-of-Death Trajectories invites researchers submit online by 15 November 2018 a short 200-word abstract  AND an extended abstract (2 to 4 pages, including tables) or a full unpublished paper for consideration. To submit an abstract please fill out the online submission form on the IUSSP website: ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM.


  • Abstracts and papers must be submitted in English. The working language of the meeting is English and presentations must be made in English. 


  • Submission should be made by the author who will attend the seminar. If the paper is co-authored, please include the names of your co-authors in your submission form (in the appropriate order).


  • Applicants will be informed whether their paper has been accepted by 1 December 2018. 


  • Participants must submit their complete paper by 15 January 2019.


  • Presentations will last 30 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion.


  • Participants must commit to attend the entire scientific programme of the seminar. 




Participants should arrive on Monday 11 February at 12:00 hours and depart on Wednesday 13 February at 16:00 hours. The closest international airport and fast-train (ICE, TGV) station is Frankfurt am Main and there are excellent commuter connections to Giessen, from where there will be shuttles to the castle.


There is no seminar fee. Full board and lodging in the Castle – the Conference Centre of the Justus-Liebig University Giessen – will be provided for all participants. In addition, a limited number of travel grants may be available to cover part of the travel costs for participants otherwise unable to attend. 


For inquiries, please contact the local organizing committee: