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Demographic research on the links between human migration and environmental factors has dramatically advanced in the past several years (Black et al. 2012). Research on the potential connections between human health and climate change has similarly progressed (Rohr and Dobson 2011). Yet the critical connections between Climate-Migration-Health remain largely untheorized and unexamined. Even so, the health implications of climate change will likely shape migration trends – while the migratory impacts of climate change will likely shape health trends. The proposed panel will increase dialogue on these connections among the demographic research community through resulting high-profile publications, new collaborations, and strong policy communications.  Demographers have a unique perspective to contribute to understanding of both migration and population health in the context of shifting climate patterns.


Programme of activities

Two-day Conference on Climate Change, Human Migration and Health: Integrating social and environmental data to accelerate innovative science

Boulder, Etats-Unis, 20-21 mai 2019.

PERN Cyberseminar: Climate, Migration and Health: An Underexplored Intersection

12 to 16 novembre 2018

Workshop on Climate-Migration-Health, with a focus on trapped populations

Boulder, Etats-Unis, 17‐18 mai 2018

Workshop on Climate, Migration and Health, with a focus on refugee movements

Boulder (Colorado), Etats-Unis, 25-26 mai 2017