Tools for working with migration data in R

IPC2021 Training Session 206 - Tools for Working with, Estimating and Visualising Migration Data in R (10 December 2021)

Organized by the IUSSP Panel on International Migration: Strengthening the Knowledge Base for Policy.


Trainer: Guy Abel, Asian Demographic Research Institute, Shanghai University

Despite the increasing importance of migration to population change, data is often of poor quality or missing. Methods to estimate migration have been developed by demographers and alike to help address these shortfalls and provide a platform to better understand migration patterns and trends. Organized by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on "International Migration: Strengthening the Knowledge Base for Policy" this workshop provides an overview of some useful methods for measuring, estimating and visualising migration, and their implementation in R. Practical hands-on exercises will be provided for participants to gain some experience in using some of the functions illustrated. Some prior knowledge of R is necessary.

The recorded training course includes: 

00:00 - IPC2021 introduction

2:40 - Course Introduction

8.15 – Handling migration data in R

35:35 - Estimating Bilateral Migration

59:34 – Chord diagrams for visualizing bilateral migration

1:32:00 – Discussion