IUSSP Laureate Ceremony for José Miguel Guzmán

Cape Town, South Africa, 30 October 2017 


IUSSP President, Anastasia Gage presented the 2017 IUSSP Laureate Award to José Miguel Guzmán at the XXVIII International Population Conference in Cape Town, South Africa on 30 October 2017. The Award Ceremony took place after the UNFPA Plenary session drawing a large crowd of Jose Miguel’s colleagues, friends and family from around the globe to celebrate this honour. In presenting the award, Anastasia Gage outlined the high points of José Miguel Guzmán’s career and contributions to the field, especially the influence he exercised at the global level in areas such as applied research on policies regarding ageing as well as population and climate change linkages. 


José Miguel Guzman took the floor to give heartfelt thanks to his family, colleagues and the IUSSP, describing his trajectory from a young boy growing up in a hard working family in the Dominican Republic to becoming the first Dominican to get a PhD in Demography, and now an IUSSP Laureate. He expounded on his love of the discipline and the important contributions demography and demographers can make to understanding population issues that underpin the world’s development challenges. Fatima Juarez and Ralph Hackert both gave moving tributes to José Miguel Guzman’s career and the personal warmth with which he shared his passion for demography with students and colleagues.


  • For more information on José Miguel Guzmán's accomplishments and contributions to the population field please read the letter of nomination.

If you have a mentor or colleague who is an IUSSP member and has made significant contributions to the field, and would like to see him or her receive a similar honor, consider nominating them for the 2018 IUSSP Laureate Award.

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