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2018 European Population Conference (EPC 2018)


Call for Papers: 

2018 European Population Conference (EPC 2018)

Brussels, Belgium, 6-9 June 2018 


The European Association for Population Studies (EAPS) invites contributions to the next European Population Conference, which will be held in Brussels, Belgium from 6-9 June 2018.


EPC 2018 will convene at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and is a general population conference where the topic “Population, Diversity and Inequality” will receive special attention.


Deadline for submissions:1 October 2017.


Abstracts/papers for EPC 2018 can only be submitted at the conference website


Submissions should be made to one of the conference themes, which will be developed into a series of sessions by the convener of each theme.



Daniele Vignoli

Sexual and Reproductive Behaviour

Ajay Bailey

Families and Households

Teresa Castro

Life Course

Ann Berrington

Ageing and Intergenerational Relations

Robert Gál

Internal Migration and Urbanization

Bruno Schoumaker

International Migration and Migrant Populations

Nadja Milewski

Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity

Sven Drefahl

Mortality and Longevity

Sylvie Gadeyne


Mikolaj Szoltysek

Data and Methods

Vladimir Canudas

Economics, Human Capital and Labor Markets

Alicia Adsera

Policy Issues

Olivier Thevenon

Development, Environment and Space

Raya Muttarak


Nico van Nimwegen/Kim Bosmans

At EPC 2018 only one submission as first (presenting) author is allowed. Participants may however co-author other papers or posters. Submissions may take the form of an abstract although full papers are preferred. Authors will be informed about acceptance of their submission by January 2018.

To submit your Abstract/Paper for EPC 2018 go to: