2018 Workshop on Climate-Migration-Health

focus on trapped populations

Boulder, Colorado, USA, 17‐18 May  2018


The two-day workshop is a joint project of the CU Population Center (CUPC), Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado Boulder and the IUSSP Special Emphasis Panel on Climate-Migration-Health.


Please download the complete description of this call for contributions.


The workshop will be held at CUPC in Boulder, Colorado and will bring together approximately 10 researchers and policy communicators to discuss, and move forward, research on this important intersection.  Key is that researchers need only possess expertise in at least one aspect of the workshop.  We aim to introduce scholars of migration-climate, to scholars of climate-health and to also hear from scholars on trapped populations. 


We will spend much of the workshop brainstorming about knowledge gaps and beginning papers/proposals designed to fill those gaps.


Funds are available for partial reimbursement for domestic travel and lodging. Applicants must be post-PhD and we aim for an interdisciplinary mix of junior and senior scholars.


For additional information contact Lori.Hunter@colorado.edu with questions.