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Amendments to the IUSSP Constitution –
Final proposal for ratification by the members

A proposal to amend the Constitution was presented to members on 24 July 2017. This revision does not seek to fundamentally alter the way the IUSSP functions. Its principal aim is to clarify, simplify, adapt the Constitution to new technologies and, last but not least, allow the IUSSP to adapt more easily to changes in the scientific and funding environments, if needed. Members were invited to send their comments until 15 October (only two members sent comments, both to indicate they were in favour of the changes). 


Two General Assemblies were held in Cape Town: the first one to elect members of a Committee of five members to examine the proposed amendments and the second to present the amendments, including a few additional changes proposed by the Review Committee. The General Assembly approved the Constitutional revision by a large majority (no votes against, two abstentions), more than the required two-thirds of the members present. The last stage of Constitutional revision process consists in its ratification by the membership following the procedure described below: 


Article 18.5. After approval by the General Assembly, proposed amendments shall be submitted to the members. The Secretary-General and Treasurer shall organise a secret ballot, and invite members to return ballot forms within a period of six weeks. If at that date fewer than half the votes have been cast, the Secretary-General and Treasurer shall once again invite members who have not cast their votes to return their ballots within a further period of six weeks. At that date the ballot shall be closed, and the votes counted. An amendment shall become operative if a majority of votes have been cast in its favour.

A vote will be organized using e-Ballot (the secure online voting system used for the recent IUSSP elections). The vote will consist in one simple question as to whether members are 'in favour' or 'against' the Constitutional revision. The electoral list includes all current and confirmed full members by 31 October 2017. It does not include members who registered after 31 October or new members who registered after 1 September (and have not yet been confirmed by the IUSSP Council). It also does not include Student Associates, who are not eligible to vote. 

The IUSSP Council urges ALL members to vote during the first 6-week period (20 November to 31 December) so that the amendments can be ratified before the end of the year (avoiding a second 6-week period of voting).




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