APA Special workshop 9:
Family law, public policy, and family behavior

Shanghai, China, 13 July 2018 


The IUSSP Scientific Panel on Family Demography and Family Law organized this session at the 4th Asian Population Association Conference in Shanghai, China, on 13 July 2018. The session was chaired by T.V. Sekher (International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai); Minja Kim Choe (East-West Center, Honolulu) served as discussant. 


Three papers were presented during this session:


1. Generational Difference in Women’s Fertility Intentions under China’s Two-Child Policy

Yingchun Ji, Huiguang Wang, Yue Liu and Ruonan Xu (Shanghai University, Shanghai, China)


2. The Use of Family-Friendly Programs and Its Impact on Fertility Intention in Korea

Ki Tae Park (University of Hawaii, Honolulu, United States)


3. Innovation in the model of adolescent friendly health corners to expand sexual and reproductive health services in Bangladesh- success and challenges

Sigma Ainul and Iqbal Ehsan (Population Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh)


Dr. Sigma Ainul, Prof. Yingchun Ji, Prof. T.V. Sekher, Dr. Ki Tae Park, and Prof. Minja Kim Choe.


 For more information on the papers presented at this session: