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The Covid-19 pandemic and IUSSP activities


We are certain that, no matter where you are located, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting your daily lives and activities. At IUSSP we are closely monitoring the events to adjust our activities accordingly. 


The IUSSP Secretariat offices are based at the French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) in France, which is currently closed. We are all working remotely from home as the French government enforces strict confinement measures. Fortunately, most of our work can be done remotely, minimizing the impact of the pandemic on our ability to respond to your queries, organize activities such as video-conferences and keep you informed of news from members and their institutions through the IUSSP Bulletin, N-IUSSP, email announcements, Twitter feeds, and the like.  


We are also planning to start posting information from members on our website about data sources on the Covid-19 pandemic in an effort to keep you informed about the demographic aspects of the pandemic and the contributions from our community to understanding the epidemic and its impacts. 


As expected, the pandemic is having an impact on many IUSSP meetings programmed over the next couple of months as well as on many other events in our field. Below is a list of events that have been cancelled or postponed.


The Council of the IUSSP urgently requests organizers who are considering rescheduling their meetings, not to reschedule between mid-2021 and mid-2022, as this would place their event in direct competition with the IUSSP International Population Conference in India and would likely act to diminish the participation at both events. 


The 2020 PAA Annual Meeting is cancelled, along with all the side meetings that the IUSSP had planned to organize there.


The IUSSP still plans to hold its 29th International Population Conference (IPC 2021) on 5-10 December 2021 in Hyderabad, India. We are hoping that by that time the pandemic will have subsided and that the conference can take place as planned. A call for papers will be sent to all members in the coming months. The deadline for abstract submissions remains 7 January 2021. 


We remind you that for international meetings there is always the possibility of organizing side meetings before and after IPC 2021 to enable attendees to participate in both events. We hope  you will keep this in mind and consider organizing an event jointly with IPC 2021. 


As the world struggles to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that you and your loved ones, friends and colleagues will stay safe and are doing all that is required to reduce the health impact of the virus.


Stay safe and healthy!


List of cancelled / postponed events


  • IUSSP Seminar on African demography in historical perspective, Nairobi, Kenya, 2-3 Apr 2020 (Postponed)
  • 2020 Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA), Washington D.C., USA, 22-25 Apr 2020 (Cancelled)
  • Research and programs on Couples and Reproductive Health - Preconference session at PAA2020, Washington D.C., United States, 22 Apr 2020 (Online Zoom Meeting)
  • International Seminar on Family Demography and Family Law around the World, Montreal, Canada, 27-29 Apr 2020 (Postponed)
  • XXIe colloque international de l'AIDELF, Athens, Greece, 26-29 May 2020 (Postponed)
  • 2nd IUSSP Population, Poverty and Inequality Research Conference, Paris, France, 22-24 Jun 2020  (Postponed)
  • 2020 European Population Conference, Padova, Italy, 24-27 Jun 2020 (Cancelled)
  • 5th Asian Population Association Conference, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 24-27 Nov 2020 (Postponed)