Cyberseminar on Water and Population Dynamics

5-16 October 2015

PERN (Population-Environment Research Network), an IUSSP Scientific Panel, is planning a Cyberseminar on "Water and Population Dynamics" for 5-16 October 2015, to address these major questions: 

  • What are some of the intervening/mediating/contextual factors linking water supply/access and population dynamics, globally and locally?

  • Where are some current 'hotspots' of water scarcity, and what are the population dynamics in these hotspots? What are some of the current ‘hotspots’ of flooding and drought, and what are the population dynamics in those hotspots?

  • Are supply systems for major cities and agricultural areas in most regions adequate to supply domestic, industrial, and agricultural (DIA) needs? How can water supply and sanitation systems be bolstered, especially in informal settlements of developing country cities, and issues such as the gender dimension of water access be best addressed?

  • What strategies can be deployed for increasing wastewater treatment covering greater proportions of the world’s urban population?

  • How might population distribution change in the future as a result of declines or increases in water availability owing to climate change? What could be the consequences of these changes?

  • What existing/emerging efforts to create governance institutions and strategies for a more sustainable future of water supply may deserve a discussion?

More information on the cyberseminar (including background paper and how to participate) is available at: