Data Visualization Workshop

INED, Paris, France, 22-23 October 2019


The Generations and Gender Programme (GGP), in collaboration with the French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) and the IUSSP, held a two-day workshop focused on visualizations of demographic data, led by Ilya Kashnitsky (University of Southern Denmark).


The workshop brought together 20 participants, mostly early-career researchers, from 14 countries who had the opportunity to explore how to use R and R packages designed for data science, such as ggplot2 and Tidyverse to produce impactful data visualizations.


This initiative, supported by the IUSSP, responds to an increasing demand for data representations across scientific disciplines. The aim of the workshop was to introduce participants to data visualizations tools and provide hands-on experience on how to produce maps and other graphical representations of demographic data and data relevant for demographic research, with examples from GGP data.


Ilya Kashnitsky and the workshop participants


See also: GGP website

The IUSSP partly funded the Data Visualization Workshop.