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Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi

Professor of Demography
The University of Tehran
Country of residence:
Iran, Islamic Republic of

Nationality: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Gender: M

Member since: 2000
Membership No: 20021
Membership Type: regular

Council Member
2018 - 2021
Field of Study: Demography

Specialization: Families and Households, Fertility, International Migration

Regional focus: Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Education: Doctorate (Ph.D, MD) , 1998 , Australian National University , Demography

Working languages: English , Persian (Farsi)

Other association membership in population or related fields: Asian Population Association (APA), European Association for Population Studies (EAPS) , Population Association of Iran; International Association for the Study of Forced Migration

Professional Summary:

Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi is Professor of Demography, University of Tehran (UT).  He obtained his PhD from the Australian National University (ANU); and served as Head, Department of Demogrpahy, UT (2002-2006), Research Fellow, Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute (2010-2014), and was the Director of the National Institute of Population Research, Iran, during 2014-2020. He has worked and published on such areas as Iran's fertility transition, family change, population policies, Muslim demography, and forced and refugee migration; and is the author of prize-winning book on The Fertility Transition in Iran: Revolution and Reproduction. Abbasi-Shavazi is a founding member of the Asian Population Association, and served as its Vice-President (2009-2010) and President (2011-2012). He chaired the IUSSP Panel on Demography of Refugees (2010-2014), and is the Editor of Iranian Population Studies, and a member of Editorial Board of Asian Population Studies, International Migration Reviews and Demographia. Abbasi-Shavazi is the Laureate of the 2011 United Nations Population Award.


Hugo, G., Abbasi-Shavazi, M.J., and Kraly, E.P. (eds.) 2018, Demography of Refugee and Forced Migration, Springer.

Abbasi-Shavazi, M.J. and Sadeghi, R. 2016, Integration of Afghans in Iran: Patterns, Levels and Policy Implications, Migration Policy and Practice, Vol. VI (3): 22-29.

 McDonald, P., Hosseini-Chavoshi, M., and Abbasi-Shavazi, MJ, 2015, Assessment of Iranian fertility trends using parity progression ratios, Demographic Research, Vol 32 (article 58): 1581−1602. 

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Abbasi-Shavazi, M.J., Askari-Nodoushan, A., and Thornton, A., 2012, Family life and developmental idealism in Yazd, Iran, Demographic Research, 26(10): 207-238.

Abbasi-Shavazi, MJ., and Torabi, F. 2012, Education and fertility in Islamic countries, In Alfonso and Hans Groth (eds), Population Dynamics in Islamic Countries, Springer, pp. 43-62.

Thornton, A., Binstock, G., Yount, K, Abbasi-Shavazi, MJ Ghimire, Xie, Yu, 2012, International Fertility Change: New Data and Insights from the Developmental Idealism Framework, Demography, (DOI) 10.1007/s13524-012-0097-9.

Lutz, W., Crespo Cuaresma, J.,  Abbasi-Shavazi, M.J. 2010, Demography, Education and Democracy: Global Trends and the Case of Iran, Population and Development Review, 36(2): 253-281.

Abbasi-Shavazi, MJ., P. McDonald, and Hosseini-Chavoshi, M. 2009, The Fertility Transition in Iran: Revolution and Reproduction, Springer, Dordrecht.

Abbasi-Shavazi, MJ., and P. McDonald, 2000, Fertility and Multiculturalism: immigrant fertility in Australia: 1977-91, International Migration Review, 34(1): 215-42.

Honorary or professional positions and awards:
Vice-President (2009-2010) and President (2011-2012) of the Asian Population Association;
Chair of the Establishment Committee (2007-2008) of the Asian Population Association;
Vice-President (2014-2017) and President (2017-2020) of the Population Association of Iran;
Member of the IUSSP Council, 2018-2021
Chair of the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Demography of Refugee and Forced Migration (2010-2014);
Member of Developmental Idealism Study Group at the University of Michigan, USA;
Member of Management Committee of Refugee Research Network at York University, Canada;
Member of Irregular Migration Research Advisory Group, Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection;
Member of Board of Trustees, International Center for Diarrhoeal Diseases, Bangladesh;
Research Fellow, Economic Research Forum (ERF), Egypt;

Laureate of the 2011 United Nations Population Award;
2016 Distinguished Researcher of the Year, Islamic Republic of Iran;
2016 Distinguished Writer-International, Social Sciences Category, University of Tehran;
Winner of the 2011 World Prize for the Best Book of the Islamic Republic of Iran;
Winner of the 1997 W. D Borrie Prize for the Best Graduate Essay, Australian Population Association

Research grants:
2010-2014 Australian Research Council, Future Fellowship Grant on Changing Patterns of Migration from Afghanistan;
2012-2015 Australian Research Council, Demographic consequences of Disaster in Selected Asian Countries (Co-Investigator);
2012-2013 Recent Trends and Levels of Iran's Fertility using the own-children method, Statistical Center of Iran;
1998-2007 Three large grants from the Wellcome Trust on Iran's Fertility Transition.