Edith Alejandra Pantelides

Senior Researcher


Field of Study: Demography, Sociology
Specialization: Fertility, Reproductive Health (Family Planning), Social Demography
Regional focus: Latin America and the Caribbean
Education: Doctorate (Ph.D, or MD), University of Texas at Austin, Sociology, 1984
Other association membership in population or related fieldsAsociación de Estudios de Población de la Argentina
Asociación de Estudios de Población de la Argentina (AEPA)
Working languages: Spanish
English (United States), Greek, Modern
Other association membership in population or related fields: Latin American Population Association (ALAP)
Professional Summary:

Licenciada in Sociology, University of Buenos Aires, Ph.D in Sociology, University of Texas in Austin. Specialization certificates in Demography from the Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Centre (CELADE) and from Princeton University.  

First president elected to the Argentine Association for Population Studies  and president  of the Latin American Association of Researchers in Human Reproduction. 

Consultant with the Pan American Health Organization, WHO, and UNFPA. Retired as principal researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina. Continues as principal researcher at the Center for Population Studies (Centro de Estudios de Población -CENEP)of which she has been director for three periods. Undergraduate and graduate teaching at national and international universities.  Published extensively on the areas of fertility and reproductive health, with special focus on adolescence and on men's reproductive health. Currently conducting research in the area of violence in adolescence and on intimate partner violence.




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Honorary or professional positions and awards:
Chair, IUSSP Scientific Panel on Young People's Life Course in Developing Countries 2011-2014.

Member, IUSSP Scientific Panel on Gender and Population 1995-1999.

Member of the Organizing Committee, IUSSP General Conference, New Delhi, 1989.

President ALIRH (Latin American Asoccisiación of Reproductive Health Researchers) 2009-2014.

President AEPA (Argentine Associacion of Poplulation Studies) 1991-1993.

Member of Board of Directors ALAP (Latin American Association of Population Studies) 2007-2008.

Member, Advisoty Council on Adolescence, National Program on Integral Health in Adolescence, Ministry of Health, Argentina, 2010-2014.

Member of Board of Directors IDES (Economic and Social Development Institute, Argentina) 1996-2008.

Member of the Scientific and Ethical Review Group, Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction, presently Research Projects Review Panel, OMS, 1996 –2014