Benoît Laplante

Full Professor
Institut national de la recherche scientifique

Field of Study: Sociology
Specialization: Families and Households, Fertility, Marriage, Divorce and Consensual Unions, Social Demography
Regional focus: Latin America and the Caribbean, United States and Canada
Education: Doctorate (Ph.D, or MD), Université de Montréal, Sociology, 1990
Association des démographes du Québec
Working languages: French
English, Spanish
Other association membership in population or related fields: Association Internationale des Démographes de Langue Française (AIDELF), European Association for Population Studies (EAPS), Latin American Population Association (ALAP), Population Association of America (PAA)
Professional Summary:

Benoît Laplante is a sociologist and a demographer. His research focuses on the changes in family dynamics and family structure, especially the diffusion of consensual union, its emergence as a setting for family formation and the changing relation between education level and the choice of consensual union over marriage. The intertwining of English and French private law and of some Nordic-like family policies that shape the context in which individuals make their family-related decisions in Quebec has fostered his interest in the relation between family law, family policies and family demography. Most of his research involves the use of event history analysis-related techniques. He is interested in the development of the use of administrative data in demographic research.



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Laplante, Benoît and Ana Laura Fostik. 2016. « Cohabitation and marriage in Canada. The geography, law and politics of competing views on gender equality », in Ron Lesthaeghe et Albert Esteve (dirs.), Partnership formation in the Americas: Geo-historical legacies and new trends, p. 51–100. Springer.

Laplante, Benoît, Teresa Castro Martín, Clara Cortina and Ana Fostik. 2016. « The contributions of childbearing within marriage and within consensual union to fertility in Latin America, 1980–2010 ». Demographic Research, vol. 34, article 2, p. 827–844 (DOI 10.4054/DemRes.2016.34.29).

Laplante, Benoît, Teresa Castro Martín, Clara Cortina and Teresa Martín García. 2015. « Childbearing within marriage and consensual union in Latin America, 1980–2010 », Population and Development Review, vol. 41, n° 1, p. 85–108. 

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