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Suzana Cavenaghi

Independent researcher
Independent Researcher
Country of residence:

Nationality: Brazil
Gender: F

Member since: 2005
Membership No: 22396
Membership Type: regular

Council Member
2018 - 2020
Field of Study: Demography, Population and Development, Statistics

Specialization: Data Collection and Processing, Families and Households, Fertility, Gender Roles-Differentials, Population and Development, Reproductive Health (Family Planning), Spatial Analysis (and Geographic Information)

Regional focus: Latin America and the Caribbean

Education: Doctorate (Ph.D, MD) , 1999 , University of Texas at Austin , Demography

Working languages: Portuguese (Brazil) , English , Spanish

Other association membership in population or related fields: Latin American Population Association (ALAP), Population Association of America (PAA) , Brazilian Population Association - ABEP

Curriculum Vitae:

Professional Summary:

Suzana Cavenaghi has a Ph.D. and Master’s Degree in Sociology/Demography from the University of Texas at Austin; specialization in Demography from CELADE; graduation in Statistics and Applied Mathematics from the State University of Campinas. Former researcher and professor at National School of Statistical Science (ENCE/ IBGE) from 2005-2019. Former board council member of ABEP (2001-2004), board council member of the ALAP (2004-2008), ALAP’s president (2009-2010). Post-Graduation Program Coordinator at ENCE/IBGE (2011-2015), Editor of the Brazilian Journal on Population Studies - REBEP (2013-2016). Former ABEP's representative at the Brazilian National Commission of Population and Development. Board council member of IUSSP from 2018-2021. Currently consulting council member of ALAP and Brazilian Census Commission. Main areas of interest are reproductive health, fertility, family and gender studies, population and health, statistical demography, spatial statistics, geo-processing in demography, data bases and social indicators, and public policies analysis and evaluation. 

 Detailed CV in Portuguese:


Schmertmann, Carl P. ; Cavenaghi, S. M. ; Assunção, Renato M. Potter, Joseph E.Bayes plus Brass: Estimating total fertility for many small areas from sparse census data.  Population Studies: A Journal of Demography,  DOI:10.1080/00324728.2013.795602, 2013.


Cavenaghi, S. M. (Org.) . Estimaciones y proyecciones de población en América Latina: desafios de una agenda pendiente. Serie e-Investigaciones N.2, 1. ed. Rio de Janeiro: ALAP, 2012. v. 1. 278p


Cavenaghi, S. M. ; Alves, José Eustaquio Diniz. Diversity of childbearing behaviour in the context of below-replacement fertility in Brazil. In: Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division. (Org.). Population Division Expert Paper Series. New York: United Nations, 2011, v. 8, p. 1-30. 


Potter, Joseph E. ; Schmertmann, Carl P. ; Assunção, Renato M. ; Cavenaghi, S. M. . Mapping the Timing, Pace, and Scale of the Fertility Transition in Brazil. Population and Development Review, v. 36, p. 283-307, 2010.


Cavenaghi, S. M. (Org.) . Demographic transformations and inequalities in Latin America: historical trends and recent patterns. 1. ed. Rio de Janeiro: ALAP, 2009. v. 1. 392p .


Schmertmann, Carl P ; POTTER, Joseph E ; Cavenaghi, S. M. . Exploratory Analysis of Spatial Patterns in Brazil's Fertility Transition. Population Research and Policy Review, v. 1, p. 34-50, 2008.

Honorary or professional positions and awards:
Member of the Consulting Commission of the Demographic Census, Brazilian Institution of Geography and Statistics, Brazil - 2019-current
Member of the Brazilian Commission on Population and Development (CNPD) - 2015-2018
Editor Editor of the Brazilian Journal of Population Studies (REBEP) - (2013-2016)
Coordinator of the PhD Program at ENCE/IBGE (2011-2015)
Member: Scientific Review Board, Latin American Population Journal (2010-)
Member: UNFPA - NGO Advisory Panel (2010-2012)
Member: People and the Planet Group (2011-2012)
President, vice-presidente and General Secretary - Latin American Population Association-ALAP (2006-2011)
Treasurer - Brazilian Population Association-ABEP (2002-2005)

Research grants:
CNPq, Mapping Fertility in Brazil in 2010. Year 2012-2013.

Brazilian Special Secretary for female Policies (Secretaria Especial de Políticas para as Mulheres). Project on Women's participation in the electoral process of 2010 in Brazil: Bertha Lutz Consortium. 2010-2011.

CAPES. Procad - Cooperation between Brazilian PhD. Demography Programs at University of Campinas and National School of Statistical Science. 2005-2009.

Several grants (UNFPA, Ford Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, MacArthur Found, PAA, etc. ) for organizing Conferences and Seminars.