Stuart Gietel-Basten

Professor of Social Science and Public Policy
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Field of Study: Demography, Sociology
Specialization: Age and Sex Structure, Ageing, Estimates and Projections, Fertility, Historical Demography, Marriage, Divorce and Consensual Unions, Mortality, Health, and Longevity, Policy and Ethics, Population and Development, Qualitative Demography, Reproductive Health (Family Planning), Social Demography, Theory, Training, Documentation, Information
Regional focus: South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia
Education: Doctorate (Ph.D, or MD), University of Cambridge, Demography, 2008
British Society for Population Studies
Working languages: English
Other association membership in population or related fields: Asian Population Association (APA), European Association for Population Studies (EAPS), Population Association of America (PAA)
Curriculum Vitae:
Professional Summary:

My research lies at the intersection of population and policy, with a regional focus on Asia. In particular, I have been working on the causes and consequences of low fertility both in 'traditional' settings such as the PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and so on; but also 'new' locations such as Nepal and Thailand. I have recently begun to develop some new work in the area of aging in Russia, as well as returning to my PhD area of historical demography, focussing on Russian mortality transition.


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