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Dr Nandita Saikia

Assistant Professor
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Country of residence:

Nationality: India
Gender: F

Member since: 2017
Membership No: 26333
Membership Type: regular

Field of Study: Demography, Statistics

Specialization: Applied Demography, Gender Roles-Differentials, Mortality, Health, and Longevity, State and Local Demography

Regional focus: South Asia, Southeast Asia

Education: Doctorate (Ph.D, MD) , 2011 , International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) , Demography

Working languages: English , Hindi , Assamese , Bengali

Other association membership in population or related fields: Asian Population Association (APA), Population Association of America (PAA),

Curriculum Vitae:

Professional Summary:


I am an Assistant Professor of Population Studies  in Jawaharlal Nehru UNiversity, Delhi. Prior to this, I served as an assistant professor in Institute of economic Growth, Delhi. I did my Masters in Statistic; MPhil & PhD in International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai. I have been teaching various quantitative and advanced demopgraphic methods to the doctoral students; I am also guiding a number of doctoral and Mphil students. I have been a visiting scholar in Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Germany since 2008. My focus of research is mortality and health issues in  South Asian countries, particularly in India. Besides, I am interested on disability studies; gender role on health; role of migration in health. 


Bora,  J.K. and N. Saikia  (2015). Gender differentials in Self-rated Health and Self-reported disability among adults in India. PLoS ONE 10(11): e0141953. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0141953, Publisher: Public Library of Science 

Saikia, N., Mortality Trends in India during 1970-2010. (2015) in book "Contemporary Demographic Transformations in China, India and Indonesia" ed. by Christophe Z Guilmoto  and Gavin Jones, Springer, 2015

Saikia, N., Singh, A., Jasilionis, D. and Ram, F. (2013).Explaining the trends in rural-urban gap in infant mortality in India” Demographic Research 29(18):473-506, Publisher: Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Germany 

Saikia, N., Jasilionis, D., Ram, F. and Shkolnikov, V. (2011) “Trends and geographic differentials in mortality under age 60 in India” Population Studies 65(1):73-89.DOI: 10.1080/00324728.2010.534642; Publisher: Routledge

Saikia, N., Singh, A. and Ram, F.(2013). “Adult male mortality in India since independence: An application of widowhood method” Asian Population Studies). DOI:10.1080/17441730.2013.785720; Publisher: Routledge 


Honorary or professional positions and awards:
Member of IUSSP Scientific panel on “Lifespan Extension with Varying Cause-of-death Trajectories”, 2015-2018.

Junior Demographer Travel Grant awarded by IUSSP to attend the International Seminar on “Promoting Postpartum and Post-abortion Family Planning: Challenges and Opportunities”, Cochin, India in 11-13 November 2014.

Awarded Prof P N Mari Bhat prize for the best PhD thesis during 2011-2014 by International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai.

Awarded Population Association of America’s young scientist travel grant to attend PAA Conference held in 1-3 May 2014, Boston, USA.

IUSSP’s travel grant to participate 26th (in Morocco, Marrakesh, 2009) and 27th (in Busan, South Korea, 2013) conferences of IUSSP.

Awarded Raja Rao Memorial award from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, 2014, for best research done in the area of Survey methodology, Econometrics, Demography and Other related fields in the form of published articles or PhD thesis.

Awarded Max Planck-India fellowship, Max Planck Society, Germany, for collaborative demographic research with scientists from Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Germany 2012-2015.

2011, Prof K B Pathak Award from Indian Association of Study of Population (IASP), for the article “Trends and geographic Differentials in mortality under age 60 in India” (published in Population Studies) for methodological innovation in the field of Population and Health.
Junior Demographer Travel Grant awarded by IUSSP to attend the International Seminar “Emergence of Social Differences in Mortality Time Trends Causes and Reactions”, Alghero, Italy in 29-30 May, 2008.

Government of India and UGC Fellowship for pursuing PhD Course in International Institute for population Sciences from 9 May, 2007 to 9 December, 2010.

Silver Medal Winner in Master in Population Studies, 2005-2006, IIPS, Mumbai.
Government of India Fellowship for pursuing MPS/M Phil Course in International Institute for population Sciences from 11 July, 2005 to 31 December, 2006.

Research grants:
IEG Think Tank project grant for the project: Too Early to Die: Qualitative Insights on neonatal deaths in Delhi: Ongoing: 2013: Principal Coordinator

ICSSR project grant on “Cross Border Migration in Assam during 1951-2011: Magnitude, Process and Socio-Economic Consequences”: ongoing: 2013-2015: Principal Coordinator, ongoing 2015.

JNU & IIDS, Delhi project grant on "Accidental deaths and Injuries in Assam"