Bruno Masquelier

Louvain University (UCL)

Field of Study: Demography
Specialization: Children and Youth, Data Collection and Processing, Estimates and Projections, Mathematical Demography, Mortality, Health, and Longevity, Training, Documentation, Information
Regional focus: Sub-Saharan Africa
Education: Doctorate (Ph.D, or MD), Université Catholique de Louvain, Demography, 2010
Working languages: French
Other association membership in population or related fields: Union for African Population Studies (UAPS)


Masquelier, Bruno ; Hug, Lucia ; Sharrow, David ; You, Danzhen ; Mathers, Colin ; Gerland, Patrick ; Alkema, Leontine. Global, regional, and national mortality trends in youth aged 15-24 years between 1990 and 2019: a systematic analysis. In: The Lancet Global Health, Vol. 9, no.4 (2021)

Masquelier, Bruno ; Pison, Gilles ; Rakotonirina, Julio ; Rasoanomenjanahary, Anjarasoa. Estimating cause-specific mortality in Madagascar: an evaluation of death notification data from the capital city. In: Population Health Metrics, Vol. 17, no.1, p. 1-12 (2019).

Masquelier, Bruno; Hug, Lucia ; Sharrow, David ; You, Danzhen ; Hogan, Daniel ; Hill, Kenneth ; Liu, Jing ; Pedersen, Jon ; Alkema, Leontine. Global, regional, and national mortality trends in older children and young adolescents (5-14 years) from 1990 to 2016: an analysis of empirical data. In: The Lancet Global Health, Vol. 6, no.10, p. e1087-e1099 (2018)

Masquelier, Bruno; Eaton, Jeffrey W. ; Gerland, Patrick ; Pelletier, François ; Mutai, Kennedy K.. Age patterns and sex ratios of adult mortality in countries with high HIV prevalence. In: AIDS, Vol. 31, p. S77-S85 (2017)

Masquelier Bruno, Adult Mortality From Sibling Survival Data: a Reappraisal of Selection Biases, In: Demography , Volume 50, Issue 1, 207-228, (2013)