Federico Benassi

Assistant Professor (rtdb)
University of Naples Federico II


Field of Study: Demography, Geography
Specialization: Applied Demography, Human Ecology, Internal Migration, International Migration, Spatial Analysis (and Geographic Information), State and Local Demography, Urbanization
Regional focus: Western Europe
Education: Doctorate (Ph.D, or MD), University of Bari 'Aldo Moro' and University of Pisa, Demography, 2008
Italian Association for Population Studies (AISP)
Working languages: Italian
English, Spanish


 Federico Benassi, Ricardo Iglesias-Pascual (2022) “Local-scale residential concentration and income inequalities of the main foreign-born population groups in the Spanish urban space. Reaffirming the model of a divided city” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (first online)

Federico Benassi, Alessia Naccarato, Ricardo Iglesias-Pascual, Luca Salvati, Salvatore Strozza (2022) “Measuring residential segregation in multi-ethnic and unequal European cities” International Migration (first online)


Federico Benassi, Alessia Naccarato (2019) “Modelling the spatial variation of human population density using Taylor’s power law, Italy, 1971-2011” Regional Studies 53(2): 206-216


Federico Benassi, Corrado Bonifazi, Frank Heins, Francesca Licari, Enrico Tucci (2019). “Population change and international and internal migration in Italy, 2002-2017: Ravenstein revisited” Comparative Population Studies 44: 497-532


Salvatore Strozza, Federico Benassi, Raffaele Ferrara, Gerardo Gallo (2016) “Recent demographic trends in the major Italian urban agglomerations: the role of foreigners” Spatial Demography 4(1): 39-70