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Flavia Longo

University of Sao Paulo
Country of residence:

Nationality: Brazil
Gender: F

Member since: 2022
Membership No: 52303
Membership Type: regular

Field of Study: Demography, Education, Population and Development, Sociology

Specialization: Age and Sex Structure, Applied Demography, Children and Youth, Education and Schooling, Families and Households, Social Demography

Regional focus: Latin America and the Caribbean

Education: Doctorate (Ph.D, MD) , 2019 , University of Campinas , Demography

Working languages: Portuguese (Brazil) , English , French , Spanish

Professional web page:

Curriculum Vitae:

Professional Summary:

Sociologist and Demographer, associated researcher at University of Campinas (Demography of Childhood and Youth group at the Population Studies Centre Elza Berquó and at CeAPE - Center for Anthropology of Educational Processes, School of Education). Postdoc at University of São Paulo - School of Education.


1. Indigenous School Education as Contested Spaces: The Brazilian Experience in São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education (accepted in January 2022) (with A.A.R.Ioris, R.L. do Carmo and J.M.A. Arruti, in English).

2. A small guide for application of the Profluxo model (in Portuguese). Revista Brasileira de Educação, 2021. DOI:

3. Estimation of population stock to demand education for youngsters and adults in the State of São Paulo in 1995 and 2015 (with J. M. Vieira, in Portuguese). Revista Brasileira de Estudos de População, 2021. DOI:

4. Mother-to-child education: factors associated with educational mobility in Brazil (with J.M. Vieira, in Portuguese). Educação e Sociedade, 2017. DOI: 10.1590/es0101-73302017162420