DPS Annual PopStudies Mini-Conference


NOVEMBER 25 – 26, 2015



The Demography and Population Studies Programme [DPS] of the University of the Witwatersrand is pleased to announce her 2015 PopStudies Research Mini-Conference. This Conference provides graduate students with the unique opportunity to present their research related to their degree programme in population, health and development related field. It is an opportunity for graduate students to present their research work with a view to receiving critical relevant comments from their colleagues and professors. Participants are expected to reflect on the comments received in their work before final submission. It is open to Honours, Masters and PhD students, working in the relevant and allied fields. Topics to be presented must be individual student’s research topic.


Conference Programme: Participants will be given 15-20 minutes to present their research and works-in-progress to an audience of students and researchers drawn from National Universities. This is followed by 15 minutes of time for a mentor assigned to each participant, to provide individualized feedback on presentation-style and substantive and technical issues in the student’s research and for the audience to ask questions.

Keynote Speakers:

(1)   Prof Michel Garenne [‘Institut Pasteur’ Paris, France] ‘Long term fertility trends in Africa since 1950 : Rises, Falls and Stalls


(2)   Prof Adeabyo Fayoyin [Regional Communication Advisor, UNFPA East and Southern Africa Region, Johannesburg] ‘Writing Policy Briefs

Submissions: Submit an abstract or completed paper to Tanyaradzwa Dube (tanyaradzwadube@yahoo.com) by November 15, 2015. Students from Universities outside Johannesburg will be assisted financially to attend the Conference.


Participant Eligibility: Participation is open to graduate students who are about completing their Honours, Masters or Doctoral studies. Students must be the sole author of the paper related to allied fields.

For more information, please contact Nicole De Wet (Nicole.dewet@wits.ac.za)