Creation of the School of Population and Development Sciences at the University of Kinshasa


The University of Kinshasa created, on July 18, 2022, the School of Population and Development Sciences. The training offered within the framework of this school is at the intersection of several Sustainable Development Goals, in particular the fight against inequalities, famine, poverty, and the promotion of education, health, employment and the protection of the environment.


The school offers the following courses:


  1. License/Baccalauréat in: Demography and data sciences; and Development and Humanitarian Action

  2. Masters in: Demography and Data Science; Program Monitoring and Evaluation; Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences; Information Systems and Development Planning; Population and Urban Dynamics; Development and Humanitarian Action; Population-Development-Environment; Gender and Reproductive Health.


For more information please contact Professor Jacques Emina: