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Bidding farewell to Fabienne Feuillade


After 11 years of loyal service to the IUSSP, Fabienne Feuillade, who joined the IUSSP Secretariat in 2004, will be moving on at the end of June. In her position as Finance and Administrative Officer, she played an essential role of maintaining the IUSSP books and making sure everything was in order from a financial and administrative point of view. Our partner organizations will recall her meticulous review of their financial reports. Many IUSSP members will remember Fabienne as the person who, usually at a distance, took care of their travel reimbursements for IUSSP seminars and workshops all over the world, a task always carried out in an efficient and timely manner. Those who attended International Population Conferences in Tours (2005), Marrakech (2009) or Busan (2013), may have been fortunate to meet her in person. As a colleague in a small Secretariat of four, her friendliness will be missed by all. It will be difficult or, more precisely, impossible to replace her but we will do our best to carry on.