Information on IPC 2025 registration fees

June 2023


The Steering Committee for the 2025 International Population Conference is currently working on the Call for Papers and the design of the IPC2025 Brisbane website, which will open in October 2023. 


In preparing the Call for Papers, the IUSSP Council reviewed the Conference registration fee levels for members with the aim of encouraging IUSSP members and their institutions to cover membership dues between conferences. Members who have maintained their annual membership since 2021 or who have selected to pay for four years of membership in 2022 or 2023 will get a substantially reduced conference fee rate. 


IPC 2025 Discount for Members

Members with a continuing membership of 4 years since IPC 2021 are entitled to an IPC rate of Euro 300. To make this “loyal members” rate more attractive, the IPC 2025 rate for new members (including returning members who did not maintain their dues in 2022, 2023, and 2024) will be Euro 600. 


IPC 2025 Registration Fee Rates: 


IPC 2025 Fee





Loyal Member*


Student Member


*Loyal members are defined as those who continuously paid their dues since the last conference (IPC2021) or who paid for 4 years in 2022 or 2023.


It is not too late to update your membership!


As this is a new policy, if you have let your membership lapse, you can still qualify for the loyal member fee for IPC 2025 by selecting the option to cover 4 years of membership dues in 2023. The multiple year dues option includes a discount over the regular annual membership dues rate. 


Because IUSSP ‘s flagship conference takes place once every 4 years, it is a challenge to retain members between conferences, yet retaining members is critical to the vitality of the Union. Holding conferences more frequently might be one option but would compete directly with regional conferences. Over the years, the Council has implemented several measures to encourage members to maintain their membership between conferences such as instituting discounted multiple-year dues payments and offering “loyal” members an additional reduction on the conference fee.


The new IPC fee structure makes the discount for loyal members much larger than for new or returning members. In 2025, the Council hopes to introduce an attractive IPC 2025 registration/membership package. This will ensure those who attend IPC 2025 have their membership covered in the lead up to IPC 2029.


The Steering Committee is convinced that both measures will make it financially more advantageous for members, and their institutions, to cover membership dues and the IPC fee.