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IUSSP receives an Organizational Effectiveness Grant


The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation recently awarded IUSSP an Organizational Effectiveness Grant to commission an Impact Agency, Ethicore Limited, to develop our fundraising plan and associated communications approach. In order to develop robust fundraising, we will also be working with Ethicore on a business and marketing plan to ensure we develop a sustainable and compelling offer. 


The grant comes at a time of increased funding restrictions as governments and foundations have reduced funding available for general operations and activities.  It is thus urgent that the IUSSP review its strategy in order to solidify long-term funding for operations and activities and increase IUSSP’s visibility with potential donors, the public and members.  The goal of this exercise is to ensure IUSSP will be sustainable over the long run and can continue to fulfill its mission to promote the scientific study of population, encourage exchange between researchers around the globe, and stimulate interest in population issues. As part of this review, we will be reaching out to all members via a survey in April. 



The IUSSP has contracted with Ethicore, a consulting company based in the United Kingdom with extensive experience working with NGOs and associations on business planning, fundraising and communications strategies. Relevant examples of their work can be seen on the Ethicore website.