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IUSSP Bulletin 
 Issue 55, March 2022

In this issueIUSSP statement on Ukraine ● News from the virtual Council meetings ● Call for new IUSSP Panels ● Social norms as a barrier to women's employment ● The demography of sustainable human wellbeing ● Urban FP Panel at the Africities Summit 2022 ● Data Revolution newsfeed ● Genus special collection on CRVS ● News from the members ● Regional population associations ● Other announcements ● N-IUSSP ● Calls for papers ● Job opportunities ● Training courses ● Calendar

IUSSP statement on Ukraine

The IUSSP stands in solidarity with Ukrainian population scientists, and with our colleagues elsewhere, including in the Russian Federation and Belarus, who have raised their voices against this war, and have defended democracy and human rights.

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IUSSP Council

News from the virtual Council meetings

The 2022-2025 Council (click here for list of Council members) held its first meetings via Zoom on 24 January and 9 & 10 February.  These first meetings were an opportunity for the new Council members to get to know one another and discuss what will be the priorities for IUSSP over the next 4 years. Sadly, the COVID restrictions on travel meant this first meeting took place as several short Zoom meetings.

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Call for new IUSSP Panels

One of the main functions of the IUSSP is to stimulate and consolidate high-level scientific research on critical population issues and to develop and improve training and research in the population field. As our Panels are member-driven, the Council is now seeking proposals from IUSSP members for new Panels. Deadline for submissions: 15 May 2022.

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IUSSP Webinar Series

Social Norms as a Barrier to Women's Employment

The webinar, organized by Nkechi Owoo and moderated by Monica P. Lambon-Quayefio, was based on Seema Jayachandran's recent policy paper in the IMF Economic Review. Willa Friedman and Jean-François Kobiané served as discussants.

Watch the recorded webinar and read the written Q&A.

The Demography of Sustainable Human Wellbeing

The Population-Environment Research Network (PERN) organized a cyberseminar on “The Demography of Sustainable Human Wellbeing” from 14 to 21 March 2022 introduced by a webinar on 14 March. Read Wolfgang Lutz’s background paper Years of good life is a well-being indicator designed to serve research on sustainability and click here to watch the recorded webinar and read the invited experts' papers and the cyberseminar posts.

Upcoming IUSSP Panel Activities

Urban FP Panel at the Africities Summit 2022

The IUSSP Scientific Panel on Family Planning, Fertility and Urban Development will organize a special session at the 9th Africities Summit, Kisumu, Kenya 17-21 May 2022, to raise awareness of FP and reproductive health issues among African urban policymakers and practitioners.

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Data Revolution

For those of you interested in learning more about the Data Revolution (see short definition) the IUSSP has been maintaining a web page since 2014, listing activities, background documents, websites as well as various publications. The most recent are posted below.

(Data Revolution web page)

IUSSP Publications

Genus Special Collection

Population perspectives and demographic methods to strengthen Civil Registration and Vital Statistics systems, special open-access collection in Genus, edited by Romesh Silva, 2022.

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News from the members

Members' new publications

  • Migrants, Mobility and Citizenship in India, edited by Ashwani Kumar and R. B. Bhagat
  • Impacts psycho-socioéconomiques de la pandémie Covid-19 et du confinement au Maghreb, edited by Rachid Chaabita
  • Impacts psycho-socioéconomiques de la pandémie Covid-19 et du confinement en Afrique subsaharienne, edited by Rachid Chaabita
  • The Journal of Population and Sustainability, Vol 6, No 1, 2022, edited by David Samways

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New IUSSP members

Five new members and eight new Student Associates joined the IUSSP between 10 December 2021 and 1 March 2022. Please encourage your colleagues and students to become members.

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Regional population associations

EPC 2022 in Groningen from 29 June to 2 July

The European Population Conference 2022 is coming soon. Join us from 29 June–2 July. EAPS is happy to bring the EPC to the beautiful and lively city of Groningen, The Netherlands for the first time, organizing the conference in collaboration with the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI-KNAW) and the University of Groningen. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, EPC 2022 will be the first hybrid EPC conference, unfortunately with a limited number of participants onsite. Registration is open here

(EPC 2022 website)

2022 ALAP Congress in Valparaíso, Chile

The Latin American Population Association (ALAP) is organizing its 10th congress in Valparaíso, Chile, 6-9 December 2022 on the main theme of “Sanitary, political, and socioeconomic crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean: the contribution of population studies". The Call for Papers invites articles in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The deadline for extended abstract or complete paper submission is 2 April 2022.
Visit the ALAP 2022 website (in Spanish) or read key information in English or Portuguese.

(ALAP 2022 Website)

Other announcements

Master Programme on "Global Demography" University of Vienna

The Master Programme on "Global Demography" of the University of Vienna will welcome its second cohort on 1 October 2022. The Programme is offered by the Department of Demography, one of the three pillars of the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital (IIASA, OeAW, University of Vienna). Deadline for applications: 2 May 2022. 

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IIPS Lectures

International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai organized the 20th Dr. C. Chandrasekaran Memorial Lecture on 24 February 2022. Former IUSSP President Peter McDonald delivered a lecture on the origins and implications of low fertility.  IIPS also organized the 11th Prof. Asha A Bhende Memorial Lecture on 28th January 2022. Prof. Poonam Muttreja, Executive Director of the Population Foundation of India, New Delhi, delivered a lecture on the theme “The Roadmap to Population Stabilization in India: A case for reaching the unreached”.

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IASSH awards for young researchers

Indian Association for Social Sciences and Health (IASSH) instituted the best publication awards for young researchers (below 35 years of age) of India. This is to encourage academic scholarship and quality scientific publications in social sciences and health studies. Three best publications of young researchers for the years 2020 and 2021 were selected by an expert committee, and the awards were announced by Prof. T. V. Sekher, President of IASSH in January 2022

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Recent articles

  • Changing attitudes may explain the decline in US birth rates since 2007, Melissa S. Kearne, Phillip B. Levine
  • America’s pandemic of the unvaccinated, Joseph Chamie
  • How close to your mother? Lifetime dynamics and racial differences, HwaJung Choi, Robert Schoeni, Hongwei Xu, Adriana Reyes, Deena Thomas
  • The death toll of COVID-19 in Mexico in 2020, Víctor M. García-Guerrero, Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez
  • A big challenge for the 21st century: will obesity cut the gains of longevity? Alfredo L. Fort
  • Can policies halt the fertility decline? Janna Bergsvik, Agnes Fauske, Rannveig Kaldager Hart
  • Educational gender inequality in sub-Saharan Africa: a cohort perspective, Joerg Baten, Michiel de Haas, Elisabeth Kempter, Felix Meier zu Selhausen
  • Does educational mismatch affect labour emigration from Switzerland? Philippe Wanner, Marco Pecoraro, Massimiliano Tani
  • The within-gender gap: employment inequality among US mothers, Ariel J. Binder
  • The contribution of assisted reproduction in the Australian context of delayed childbearing, Ester Lazzari, Edith Gray, Georgina Chambers
  • Generational overlap places a heavy burden on parents in the global South, Diego Alburez-Gutierrez
  • The effect of migration on the fertility of Chinese women in the USA, Wanli Nie, Pau Baizan

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Calls for papers

  • Call for Chapter Contribution. Health and Medical Geography in Africa – Methods, Applications and Development Linkages. Deadline for submissions: 31 March 2022
  • Special Issue “The causes and consequences of depopulation” in The Vienna Yearbook of Population Research (VYPR). Deadline for submissions: 31 March 2022
  • Appel à contributions : Trajectoires de familles migrantes et contributions aux sociétés d'appartenance : réflexions interdisciplinaires et internationales. Deadline for submissions: 31 March 2022
  • 6th Human Mortality Database Symposium. Old and new challenges to longevity prospects. 16-17 June 2022, Paris, France. Deadline for submissions: 1 April 2022
  • ALAP 2022 - X Congress of the Latin American Population Association. Valparaíso (Chile), 6-9 December 2022. Deadline for submissions: 2 April 2022
  • International Conference on Population Geographies (online), 25-27  August 2022. Deadline for submissions: 15 April 2022
  • PDR Special Issue: Pandemic Babies? The Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Impact on Fertility and Family Dynamics. Deadline for submissions: extended to 29 April 2022
  • Población y Covid-19 en los países andino amazónicos (Bolivia, Ecuador y Perú) Deadline for submissions: 30 April 2022.
  • Special Issue “Population, Food and the Environment” in Population and Environment. Deadline for submissions:  31 July 2022

Job opportunities


  • AFIDEP: Research and Policy Analyst in Population, Environment and Development (PED) (Malawi). Deadline for Applications: 2 April 2022
  • United Nations. Population Affairs Officer, P3 - Deadline for Applications: 7 April 2022
  • Senior Technical Director, EVIHDAF - Social and Behavior Change (SBC) research program - Position open until filled. 

Doctoral / Post-Doctoral Positions

  • PhD scholarship 2022-2025: From landscape detection to population dynamics. CNES/INED, France - Deadline for applications: 31 March 2022
  • 3 postdoc positions ERC project POPCLIMA “Population Dynamics under Global Climate Change”, University of Bologna, Italy - Deadline for applications: 8 April 2022
  • 3 doctoral students, French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED), France - Deadline for applications: 18 May 2022


Training courses and workshops

  • Barcelona Summer School of Demography-BSSD 2022. Deadline for applications: 31 March 2022
  • European Doctoral School of Demography (EDSD). Applications for school year 2022-2023. Deadline for applications: 22 April 2022
  • Master Programme on "Global Demography", University of Vienna -  Deadline for applications: 2 May 2022


Forthcoming IUSSP meetings & other events

  • Webinar. Family Planning in a Climate Crisis Building Resilience for Women and Girls, online, 24 March 2022
  • UN World Data Forum webinar: Enabling a data-driven culture between the national and city level: How can National Statistical Offices and City Data Officers work together, online, 31 March 2022
  • 2022 Population Association of America annual meeting (PAA 2022). Atlanta, Georgia, 6 to 9 April 2022
  • European Population Conference (EPC 2022), Groningen, Netherlands and online, 29 June to 2 July 2022
  • IUSSP Seminar on Unintended Pregnancy and Key Outcomes - Abortion and Unplanned Births, Funchal, Madeira, 12-15 July 2022
  • Meetings on Family planning in urban Africa, Funchal, Madeira, 12-15 July 2022
  • International Conference on Population Geographies, online, 25-27 August 2022
  • International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP 2022). Pattaya City, Thailand, 14 to 17 November 2022
  • ALAP 2022 - X Congress of the Latin American Population Association, Valparaíso, Chile, 6-9 December 2022

Submit your announcements

Feel free to share news from your institution and region so that we can keep all IUSSP members informed about recent or forthcoming events and opportunities in the population field. IUSSP members are welcome to submit information on conferences, job openings, post-doctoral positions, and research grants for inclusion in the newsletter and IUSSP website. Please send the information to and remember to include important dates for application deadlines (and photos when appropriate). Information should be sent by email or in a Word document so that it can be edited. For inclusion in the next Bulletin, please send information by 1 June 2022. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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