Discounts for IUSSP members opting to pay multiple years of dues.

In an effort to reduce the quadrennial drop in membership that takes place between IUSSP International Population Conferences, the IUSSP Council has decided to implement two measures to encourage members to maintain their membership. 


First, starting today IUSSP members will have the option to pay up to 4 years of dues in one payment at a discounted rate. This will help those who forget to renew or have difficulties making international payments to remain current members. Members who are paying the full dues rate will receive a discount of €10 euro for 2 years of dues payments, €20 euro for 3 years, and €40 euro for 4 years. For those qualifying for low and middle-income country and retired member dues, the discount will be proportional to their dues rate. 


Second, members who maintain their IUSSP membership during the entire interval between conferences will be able to pay a reduced registration rate at the subsequent International Population Conference. Thus, those planning to attend the 2017 IUSSP conference in Cape Town will need to have paid their dues in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 to be eligible for this discount. 


We wish to stress the importance of keeping your IUSSP membership current. Your contributions cover a number of core activities that allow us to serve the international community of demographers, and demonstrate your commitment to the Union. Your regular support helps us leverage additional funds from donors for the Union’s diverse scientific and training activities, and to provide travel grants to members from low-income countries to participate in IUSSP conferences and scientific seminars. 


Pay your membership dues.