IUSSP: the world community of population specialists, its relevance for Indian scientists


15 September, 17:00-18:30 (India Standard Time)


  • Deadline for registration: 12 September 2023


The IUSSP is the world’s largest network of population specialists from across the globe. Its mission is to promote the scientific study of population, encourage cross-national and cross-sectoral exchange between researchers, and stimulate interest in population issues. Despite this, many individuals interested in population issues are unfamiliar with the IUSSP in many countries and including India.


This webinar has been organised by the International Institute for Population Sciences Alumni Association (IIPSAA) and Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE), IIPS, Mumbai. It intends to apprise the Indian population community about the IUSSP and the role it plays in furthering scientific knowledge both globally and in individual countries, including India


The main speakers of the webinar are the office bearers of IUSSP, including its President, Secretary General and Executive Director, as well as faculty and students who have been involved in IUSSP activities. Their remarks will focus on several questions: 


  • What does IUSSP do, how are Indians engaged in its activities, and how does its work affect India’s demographic and development scenarios?     
  • The IUSSP’s flagship event is the International Population Conference, what are plans for IPC2025 and how do Indian scientists contribute and participate in it?     
  • What are the experiences of India’s population experts and students who are members of IUSSP? What are those who are still not members missing?     
  • What are the advantages of IUSSP membership for students and early career scholars, as well as faculty and others interested in population matters? What are the administrative procedures and financial implications?


There are many advantages to being a member of the IUSSP, and this webinar is intended to encourage those who are not members, and especially the next generation, to participate in IUSSP’s activities, and together, strengthen the effect that population specialists can have on world development.


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  1. Welcome
  2. Brief overview of IIPSAA: Irudaya Rajan, President, IIPSAA
  3. Brief introduction to CDOE: Nandita Saikia, Head, Centre for Distance and Online Education, IIPS and Secretary, IIPSAA 
  4. What does IUSSP do, how are Indians engaged in its activities, and how does its work affect India’s demographic and development scenarios? Shireen Jejeebhoy, President, IUSSP 
  5. International Population Conference 2025 (IPC2025), IUSSP’s flagship event: Mary Ellen Zuppan, Executive Director, IUSSP
  6. Experiences of India’s population experts who are members of IUSSP: Chander Shekhar, K G Santhya, TV Sekher
  7. Experiences of student members of IUSSP: Ankita Srivastava, Ankit Sikarwar
  8. Advantages for students and early career scholars, renewing membership and financial implications: Laura Wong, Vice President, IUSSP
  9. Discussion and questions