We are pleased to announce that the Compendium of Good Practices: Harnessing Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) in Conflict, Emergencies, and Fragile Settings is now available online in English and French with a few papers available in Spanish and Portuguese. 


The Centre of Excellence has led efforts to document a series of practices in this field and sharing them with the broader community in a compendium that will advance the dialogue around building effective CRVS systems in conflict, emergency, and fragile contexts and thereby contribute to leaving no one behind. The results of this effort are a series of 12 papers commissioned by a range of diverse experts such as Civil Registrars themselves, practitioners, and researchers. 


The emergencies the papers focus on include CRVS in the context of responding to natural disasters, serving as a safeguard for gender equality during conflict, protecting rights of refugees and migrants, ensuring proper death registration of all, and combatting COVID-19.  The compendium begins with four papers that provide an overview and state of CRVS affairs in the context of such topics. The remaining seven papers are country case studies on Brazil, Ecuador, New Zealand, South Korea, Syria and Iraq, and Vanuatu.


We hope the compendium will showcase the importance of CRVS systems in conflict and emergencies as well as raise awareness to support the strengthening of these systems throughout the world as part of statistical building efforts and response to COVID-19. 


Learn more!

  • Read the compendium in English and French and get more information on the launch event
  • Glance over an infographic that highlights some of the key messages (English and French)
  • Watch a short video on CRVS in Conflict and Emergencies (English and French)
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Lastly, please mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 14th for a webinar launching and discussion of the compendium with experts in the field. Register here