Meeting with the China Population and Development Research Center (CPDRC).

Shanghai, China, 11 july 2018 


The 4th Asian Population Association Conference in Shanghai was an opportunity for IUSSP to strengthen its ties with the population research community in China. Nico van Nimwegen, Secretary & General Treasurer and Mary Ellen Zuppan, Executive Director of IUSSP met with Dr. Liu Hongyan, Deputy Director General of China Population and Development Research Center (CPDRC) and her team along with Dr. Gu Danan from UN Population Division and Zhao Yuan Dean of Nanjing Normal University, Ginling College on the afternoon of 11 July. The meeting included discussion of a project to translate into Mandarin Tools for demographic estimation which is coordinated by Dr. Gu and in part funded by Ginling college and considered future collaboration between IUSSP and Chinese population scholars. 


Dr. Liu briefly outlined CPDRC’s current research and the new edition of their quarterly journal China Population and Development Studies. The journal publishes articles in English. CPDRC has asked IUSSP to advertise the journal to IUSSP members and encourage IUSSP members working on population and development issues in China to submit their scholarly research articles to the journal. 


In addition IUSSP and the CPDRC discussed how they could strengthen future cooperation through training, advertising opportunities for scholarly exchanges, and promoting information on IUSSP activities to scholars in China. The meeting ended with a decision to sign a Memorandum of Understanding this year that will outline concrete activities to further collaboration between IUSSP and the CPDRC.