Membership Directory and Find a Member


The Membership Directory is now open to the public. Anyone can search for a member by name or find individuals by field of study, specialization, regional focus, language, or country of residence. The IUSSP Council believes this will make members’ research more visible to the public and promote networking between population scientists and researchers in other fields and disciplines. In order for the Membership Directory and Find a member search tool to fulfill this function, however, we need you to maintain and update your personal member profile page.   


Membership Directory


The Directory search is accessed by clicking on “Find a member” in the quick links of the home page. This tool allows you to search for specific individuals, by typing their name or part of their name, or to search for a list of members who meet one or more search criteria. Fill in or select desired search fields and click on “submit”. The result will appear in a table on the right of the search fields column, where you can access members’ profiles by clicking on their last name (bolded). 


Here are some of examples illustrating the features of the Directory search tool: 


1) If you are searching for a specific member, you can type the his/her last name or first name, or part of the name (if you are not sure how it is spelled) and then click "submit" and find all the members whose name (first or last) contains the elements of your search.


2) If you are searching for members that meet certain criteria, fill in the search fields and find the results in the table on the right. For example, if you would like to find members who specialize in Reproductive Health in sub-Saharan Africa, select those items in “Areas of specialization” and “Regional focus”. All current members who include this information in their profile will appear in the table.


You can search for student members based in Burkina Faso, anthropologists who speak Arabic, Ageing specialists who focus on East Asia, Population Council staff, etc. The search tool will find current members who have included the selected criteria in their profile.

So please complete your profile and keep your membership current! 


Now read the "Tips for updating your Member Profile page".


*Please update your profile even if you do not wish to appear in the Directory. A good knowledge of our members will help us determine our activities and services. Members who do not wish to appear in the Directory can “opt out” by selecting this option in their account settings.