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Membership dues will change on 30 March 2016


The IUSSP Council decided to reevaluate membership dues, which have not been changed since 2006. 


  • As of March 30th, 2016 the regular annual dues will increase from 90 to 100 euros. Reduced and very low dues will increase proportionally. 
  • The Council decided not to increase the 4-year dues amount to encourage members to pay for several years and remain members in between conferences (see table below).


The primary aim of this increase was to round off the very low dues level, from 22.50 euros to 25 euros, to simplify payment of dues in cash at various population conferences. The Council also decided to keep the discount structure (50% for middle-income countries and 75% for low-income countries) and therefore to increase the low dues and regular dues proportionally.


Payments made online are based on dues in euro. Amounts in dollars in the table below are indicated only for payments made by check or cash in US dollars. These rates have been rounded off as well and may not correspond to the euro-dollar exchange rate at a given time.


More information on IUSSP membership dues, including current dues rates and discount levels, and each country’s dues level (which is adjusted every year in January) can be found in Memberbship Dues


Membership dues as of 30 March 2016:

 1 year2 years3 years4 years
Very low:€25